“A small lotus has only just revealed its tip, and a dragonfly has long since risen to the top”, where will June go?

Investment or life, risk is everywhere.

BTC Market Analysis

Today, we have taken out the previous news and pored over it, there are many doubts, many fantasies and many perceptions, but we cannot share them due to our sensitivity, which is a pity.

The study of history and philosophy understand a sentence “We live in a blindfolded present, the things we see and hear are deceptions and illusions, the history we see may also be unclear and full of deceptions and falsehoods, even our own judgment of ourselves are wrong, full of self-deception, only our breath is real “, “If there must be any truth in this world, it may be that one is born to die.”

Although maybe people don’t know what I’m talking about, I still want to share this to you. Many people say that cryptocurrencies have a lot of scams and illusions, so they are full of unknown risks. But what I want to say is that these illusions and scams are obvious, you perceive the risk when you come in, and you will be fully prepared to deal with the risk, such as “take some small money to play, you can afford to lose”, then what about buying other financial products and assets? For example, “stocks, trusts, P2P”, you will perceive his risk? Do you think that fully regulated and fully backed professional institutions are risk-free? It turns out that what you have risk may not really make you suffer losses, but what has little risk will make you lose all your money.

Here I want to talk to you, investment or life, risk is everywhere. And investment is the process of controlling risk, the more obvious the risk investment in fact, the more you control risk is the more front and full, so that you are actually exposed to the smaller the risk position. Investment philosophy stuff, today weekend more nonsense two sentences, I hope you can understand.

Back to the news I started talking about, I can’t explain it clearly due to the sensitivity issue, but I will try to make things a little bit clearer so that you can understand the possible reasons why BTC is not crashing (there may be a huge conspiracy in the crypto world)

Let’s start with a piece of news from yesterday

“According to Bitcoin news, the Kyrgyz National Security Committee (GKNB) recently conducted a crackdown on illegal mining in the capital Bishkek and the Chuy region, raiding and seizing 2,000 units of illegal cryptocurrency mining equipment. The state committee stressed that the cryptocurrency mining process was causing “huge damage” to the country’s electricity grid. It is reported that in August 2020, the Ministry of Economy had proposed a bill to regulate the taxation of bitcoin mining in Kyrgyzstan.”

Combine this with the news that we had a crackdown on bitcoin mining followed by the news of a “GJ-like computing center” and then Musk’s immediate establishment of a mining committee, combined with the mining practices of countries in Europe, Iran, and Russia, and we seem to be able to sense something? Once BTC was born for decentralization, then gradually decentralized, and became a tool for the privileged and wealthy top, and now sanctioned by centralization, decentralization over to de-institutionalization, where will it go after de-institutionalization?

BTC has entered a higher strategic level. BTC has entered into a higher strategic level. Everyone goes, I seek to get it, and I can point here.

Technically, as we have analyzed before, the medium and long term are currently in a state of shock, from the Fed’s announcement of the 10-year Treasury rate is expected to 1.2% in 2021, 1.4% in 2022 and 1.7% in 2023, the monetary margins are gradually tightening, meaning that the economy can slowly recover and inflation expectations can be effectively controlled by the monetary It is difficult to enlarge the excess return of assets supported by currency liquidity.

Therefore, we continue to hold the medium and long-term oscillation trend judgment, and after the rate hike policy has landed, the market is expected to enter the structural bull market trend under the regulation of the correct source, but it takes time to digest and accumulate market foundation.

At the moment, the main focus is to wait and see, while still insisting on the view of BTC’s long-term value.

ETH Market Analysis

As for Ether, there may be more application-level imagination.

"A small lotus has only just revealed its tip, and a dragonfly has long since risen to the top", where will June go?

In terms of trend, ETH is doing a daily upward pivot structure trend, still at the bottom of the daily pivot position of 2400 in our analysis yesterday.

LTC/XRP/EOS/BCH/ADA/DOGE Sentiment Analysis

Today write down the trend of the four small dragons and 2 small dogs, especially the four small dragons today’s rally is stronger than the big pie and ETH, what does it mean? It means that the market risk has basically been fully released, the market is in a balanced oscillation trend, the downward trend has been released to some extent. This is what we have been reminding everyone that the four dragons represent a market sentiment. This sentiment represents a signal of the market.

DOGE and Shib these have become the hardest hit areas of the market, basically new retail investors are dying in the zoo, so do not go to hold the payroll to put out the fire. Just let them destroy themselves, so pay clear attention to a signal that the zoo is up, the day of destruction of homes is coming.

DOT/KSM Sentiment Analysis

The bottom was analyzed yesterday and has been solid, but after the news came out, the counter-trend polka system rallied across the board, and then doused in a few minutes, because there was no volume into the field, and some people bought goods at the bottom, but no one pulled up against the trend. This is more than natural, again good fundamentals are not counter-trend reverse has been operating, let alone a need for time to follow up on the fundamentals. dot bottom can continue to track, have a position to remember my previous operating strategy, high throw low suction, amortize the cost.

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