A sharp drop can cover the position! This wave of bull market deserves to reach new heights

1、Daily analysis

Risk increases as it falls below 42000!

Btc analysis.


This is a price channel from the birth of bitcoin to now, the first two bull markets reached the top of the channel, there is a super crazy phase, look at the fundamentals of this wave of the bull market and the amount of money, flower brother think the first two bull markets with no way to compare with this wave, this wave should reach a higher, more crazy position is right, history is always amazingly similar, but will not simply repeat, flower brother think If the fundamentals don’t change, bitcoin still has the potential to go crazy.


Musk is like a psychopath in our eyes, just yesterday tweeted to break up with bitcoin, today changed his avatar to bitcoin with laser eyes, laser eyes many people know what it means, it means very bullish, disguised and said bitcoin bullish, flower feels that if Musk has been so inattentive to his words and actions, his influence on the bitcoin market will become less and less until he finally suffers from everyone’s scorn.

The number of bitcoins transferred to exchanges by miners in 7 days reached a low in 2 years, indicating that miners in this position are more inclined to hold than to sell. With less selling from miners, there will be less selling pressure in the market, making it more conducive for the bulls to pull the trigger.

Russian parliament officials expect the Russian crypto tax law to be passed this fall, once the tax law is passed, it means that trading digital currency is legal and recognized by gj, if we gj also follow the example of other countries to tax cryptocurrencies, it will really be great, how big is our gj population base, how powerful is the Chinese mom, think about it all excited. Bitcoin is still an early market, the road to maturity is a long way to go, let’s wait together.

Yesterday by the former world’s richest man Musk tweet, bitcoin once fell more than 5%, but today are basically recovered, the long or strong, although the recent bitcoin has up and down, but careful words can find some clues, no matter how he fell, the trend is always oscillating upward, flower brother judgment below the long bottom, and dragged the bottom higher and higher, if you have not followed the flower brother tips If you have not yet followed Brother Hua’s tips to buy low, the future only chase the high part. The company is also a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of the United States of America. The support level is 36000, the pressure level is 39000.

eth analysis.

eth unusually strong, July favorable, EIP-1559 to deploy the Ethernet main network, June low is a good opportunity to layout eth. Support level 2600, pressure level 2900.

bch analysis.

bch daily trend is not strong, rebound several times by the 120-day SMA suppression, short term can not break through the 120-day SMA, will continue to maintain the oscillating trend, it is recommended to continue to hold the coin. Support level 650, pressure level 730.

bsv analysis.

The bsv is caught in a 150-200 range oscillation, long and short are shrinking, the oscillation trend will continue, the short term is recommended in the 150-200 range high throw low suction, the medium term here is the probability of the bottom, it is recommended to continue to layout low. Support level 160, pressure level 190.

ltc analysis.

ltc has been suppressed by the Bollinger band mid-rail, the short term can not break through, will return to oscillation, the volume began to shrink, is the characteristics of the bottom, Hua suggested to continue to lay out and hold low. Support level 170, pressure level 195.

Link analysis.

link link to the broader market, strong in the broader market, daily macd golden cross, oscillation upward, continue to be bullish, the operation is recommended to continue to hold the currency to rise. Support level 27.5, pressure level: 31.5.

sushi analysis.

sushi bullish 10 U.S. dollars lifeline, as long as the short does not hit 10 U.S. dollars, sushi is the oscillation upward trend, it is recommended to continue to reference 10 U.S. dollars support low suction hold. Support level 11.5, pressure level 13.0.

ada analysis.

ada averages go very strong, if not for yesterday’s decline, today has been multiple alignment, daily macd water golden fork, flower brother very bullish ada, the operation is recommended to continue to hold the coin to rise, there is a sharp fall in batches to fill positions. Support level 1.60, pressure level: 1.85.

xrp analysis.

xrp fell below the 5-day SMA support, and the rebound was suppressed by the middle rail of the Bollinger band, the short-term trend will be relatively weak, operationally it is recommended to hold a light position to wait and see. Support level 0.9, pressure level 1.05.

zec analysis.

zec 140-180 between the oscillation, short-term recommendations in this range of high throw low suction, medium-term oscillation upward, there is a sharp decline is the opportunity to fill positions in batches. Support level 145, pressure level 175.

xtz analysis.

xtz bottom lift, oscillation upward, continue to be bullish, it is recommended to continue to hold the coin to rise, there is a sharp fall in batches to fill positions. Support level 3.40, pressure level: 3.9.

dot analysis.

dot pullback did not fall below the 5 day average support, today’s rebound is also the best in the mainstream coins, the good did not land, flower brother judgment will also have a big up moment, the operation is recommended to continue to hold the coin, the pullback focus on layout. Support 23.5, pressure level: 27.5.

uni analysis.

uni although fell below the 5 day SMA support, but did not change the oscillation upward trend, today there is also hope to re-step on the 5 day SMA, Hua suggested first hold the coin and wait and see.

The key note: flower analysis of the trend are valid for 24 hours, suitable for short-term traders, if you can not insist on reading the article every day, it is easy to miss the operational guidance and cause losses. If you can’t stick to the article every day, it’s easy to miss the operation guidance and cause loss. For Buddhist coin holders, you can ignore the short-term trend and take a year, making money is probable.

2、Daily Coin News

Daily hot news interpretation

The trend of bitcoin in recent times can be said to be extremely struggling, influenced by the general environment, the value of bitcoin fluctuates back and forth. The first person in the cryptocurrency world to bring goods, Musk’s attitude towards bitcoin recently, is also unclear, and yesterday was exposed to “break up” with bitcoin, which also led to a drop in the price of bitcoin. The two big weblebrities came and went, and the price of the coin smashed by almost 4000 knives. But Musk is really getting further and further away from bitcoin, first announcing that Tesla does not support bitcoin redemption, then saying and then posting this couple breakup chart yesterday, in addition, Tesla Chief Financial Officer Zachary also said the company sold 10% of its bitcoin holdings in the first quarter. Why does Musk want to say goodbye to Bitcoin?

Environmental protection or whatever is basically nonsense, the interests are the most important. From an interest perspective: First, bitcoin conflicts with Tesla’s biggest earnings. Tesla’s main profit comes from selling its share of carbon emissions, and bitcoin mining does have a big environmental impact, so holding bitcoin will have an impact on its company’s survival logic. Second, Tesla’s business situation deteriorated Tesla this year in the Chinese market, there are rights events, model3 does also have a lot of messy problems, if you want to maintain a better-looking financial statements, choose to sell some coins will be better. Third, Tesla’s global sales in May, and the trend of the currency price. If the price of the currency continues to rise, perhaps Musk will not sell, but if the Tesla sales data released this month by the Federation is unimpressive, I’m afraid Musk is likely to choose to “throw the pawn to save the car”. If Tesla doesn’t sell the rest of its coins, investors in cryptocurrencies need to be wary of a potential “Tesla double kill”. As Tesla’s share price falls, the probability of it selling bitcoin may increase.

Perhaps the best news for cryptocurrency investors today is instead that Musk has sold bitcoin, which allows the price to be as free from Musk’s influence as possible in the future, so as to avoid a situation where one tweet from Musk would cause the price to drop by a fraction of a percent. Secondly the demand for hedging of cryptocurrency options also hints at a decline. While options are primarily used by stock market traders to hedge risk, investors in crypto assets buy options primarily to invest in bets on future returns. For this reason, bitcoin puts have outpaced calls in recent months, suggesting that hedging demand is rising in the market. The good thing is that Fidelity executives believe that bitcoin will eventually bottom out above $23,000, which is the worst-case scenario to expect. The institutions in the circle are currently maintaining their bullish judgments, and all we have to do is hold the coin to stabilize this uneventful period and stay with the general trend.

3、Recent recommendations

Follow the trend, do the trend followers

Yesterday fell to fill a position, the current overall position of about 70%, for the general trend Hua is still firmly bullish, this position down is to fill, after the bottom of the shock and then take off, then hold the coin, then cover!

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