A-share in-roll sitting? The cryptocurrency circle in front of all brother

Musk said to Ye Fei, the virtual currency that can go to Mars is super cool OK.

A-share in-roll sitting? The cryptocurrency circle in front of all brother

First there was Zheng Shuang’s daily salary of 2.08 million, abandoning his surrogate to challenge the moral bottom line of the entertainment industry.

Recently, a number of A-share companies manipulating share prices have also been ripped off the shade.

On May 9, 2021, private equity “champion” Ye Fei broke the news on microblogging that listed company Zhongyuan Home refused to pay after using the market value management of private equity, and if the defaulters do not pay the final payment, they will break the news of a large number of market manipulation of 18 companies, one a week.

Among those named by him are Zhongyuan Home, Longyi Machinery, Vixenol, Oriental Fashion, etc. At the same time, Ye Fei also exposed his next family, including Hengtai Securities, Minsheng Securities, Shen Wan Hongyuan, Tianfeng Securities, etc.

On the day of the explosion Ye Fei concept shares fell collectively, the market value evaporated 17.2 billion, the two major exchanges and the Securities Regulatory Commission have been involved in this incident.

However, compared with the recent “joint reaper” to harvest leeks of the coin circle, Ye Fei exposed the company’s joint institutional manipulation of stocks, it is a little bit of a witch.

The black volume of the dealership black eat black
It is not uncommon for domestic bankers to jointly sit in the bank.

From Xu Xiang big brother’s 30,000 fried to 25 billion stories, and then from the Warren Buffett dinner Zhao Danyang 14 million into a billion stories, these stories tell us that the A-share “market value management” is no stranger.

But today Ye Fei broke the story of this joint dealership black eating black, really unheard of.

At the time of reading the microblogging, Ye Fei broke the news of the private equity black eating black event, the brain suddenly thought of the “Eastern Wall Street” Professor Ye Baoyi and his disciple Weihang’s business warfare drama!

The private equity dealership by lobbyists took profits?

Lobbyists are sitting on the private equity fund to smash the plate?

Or private equity funds and lobbyists by the lurking retail investors directly smashed the disk?

With my curiosity I went to microblogging to finish eating this melon, however this melon is far simpler than I imagined.

According to Ye Fei, one day in March 2021, Liu Peng of Shen Wan Hongyuan found this former private equity champion and said that a dealer wanted to pull up the share price of Zhongyuan Home by 30%-40% in a month or two and needed a capital party to hold the stock on his behalf.

First of all, what is a proxy holding?

For example, I want to buy Maotai shares, but for various reasons I can’t use my own securities account to buy, I can only find someone else to hold and buy for me, in the process is the stock holding.

I help you to hold the process, the stock up the gains, down the loss, are in proportion to share.

In order to win-win cooperation and gain the trust of the partner, the operator of the funds will give 10%-30% of the margin to the proxy holding party to dispel the concerns of the proxy holding party.

Of course, win-win cooperation belongs to the ideal state, and the undesirable state is to take over the shares of the listed company on behalf of the funds, originally wanted to jointly sit in the bank to kill pigs, but the result of their own become pigs, which is also the result of this incident.

The most bloodthirsty plot in this matter is that the real contradiction in the story does not lie in how much money the institution lost by black eating black, but in the former private equity champion Ye Fei the middleman.

According to the interview of Ye Fei “Huaxia Times”, Liu Peng to hold funds on behalf of the holding fee is 9%, that is, 10 million can get 900,000 yuan of holding margin.

Ye Fei’s personal intermediary fee is 0.5%, that is, 10 million shares, Ye Fei can get 50,000 yuan.

This time, Ye Fei found a public company and Minsheng Securities two institutions on behalf of holding, ready to buy 15 million each.

On the day of the joint “market value management”, Zhongyuan Home opened up 5%, Minsheng Securities see there is 25% profit can eat, directly into 15 million funds

The public fund has not yet gone in, the 5% on the plate directly by the bizarre smash, almost instantly smashed to a halt.

The next day in the source of home directly down stop.

On the third day Zhongyuan Home still fell to a halt.

Finally Minsheng securities gave up resistance stop loss out of the game, a loss of 25%.

Generally speaking for the volume of the securities company, 15 million loss of 25% is not a big deal, loss of 3.75 million may be a wave of the market back.

But for the previous commitment, 900,000 of the margin on behalf of the holding this is not a point can not be less, this is previously agreed.

Minsheng securities to call Ye Fei, want to 900,000 of the holding deposit.

The company said it did not get the brokerage fee of 75,000, let alone the margin.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

This Pu Fidi up is a meal of Taijiquan, originally said a week to give, the results of a month has passed, Ye Fei did not see a dime.

Ye Fei’s demand is also very simple, he does not care about other, he deserves 75,000 he must get, for this 75,000 Ye Fei went to many police stations.

Two months in a row, Ye Fei did not see a dime, it seems that this 75,000 yuan of middleman fees he can not get.

People in desperate times the first thing that comes to mind is the fish death net, the entertainment industry Zheng Shuang incident, Tesla’s car replacement woman are good examples.

So Ye Fei opened his microblogging, the real name to report his involvement in the share price manipulation of Zhongyuan Home.

Zhongyuan Home saw this news first denied three companies.

I’m not, I’m not, I’m going to call the police.

But under the evidence that Ye Fei is ready to fish to death, the sayings of Zhongyuan Home are obviously not quite enough to see.

And within the shareholder chart of Zhongyuan Home, Minsheng Securities did just newly enter 15 million on the day of manipulation.

The details of the whole thing, I have to say that the domestic securities market is too voluminous.

Before there is the U.S. stock, the game station retail investors hold group cut institutions.

After there is the coin circle, Musk tweet shout single, overnight harvest coin circle retail investors.

In contrast to the U.S. stock and currency circle, the domestic financial environment is too scarce for retail investors to have a situation where institutions cut each other.

However, this domestic market manipulation can only be considered a child’s play under the supervision of the two major exchanges and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Let’s take a look at how Musk, the godfather of cryptocurrency, manipulates the market.

The godfather of cryptocurrency, Musk
On May 13 Musk published a tweet saying that Tesla suspended the use of Bitcoin to pay for purchases.

Looking back once also he said that you can buy a Tesla with bitcoin.

These two tweets can be described as making the cryptocurrency world heaven for a second and hell for a second.

After Musk made his bitcoin purchase announcement, bitcoin rose from $38,000 to $64,000 in 15 days.

Bitcoin fell from $64,000 to $29,000 after Tesla suspended the use of bitcoin for purchases.

This isn’t the first time Musk has tried the magic of his own call to arms.

Back in January, Musk publicly backed GameStop, which saw its stock price rise from $150 to $300, and Musk learned the power of his own rallying cry in a campaign that saw retail investors storm the institutions.

The retail investors who profited from GameStop have made Musk a god-like being.

But Musk went into hiding after this tweet because the SEC was preparing to investigate about the unusual price fluctuations of GameStop, which included Musk’s tweet.

After feeling his power in social media Musk looked to the Internet’s extra-legal land – the cryptocurrency world

On April 1, April Fool’s Day, the Dogcoin community launched a poll to elect the Dogcoin CEO, which included Musk, the founder of Litecoin, and the founder of Ether, with Musk eventually reaping 54% of the votes.

On April 12, Musk tweeted: Dogcoin will be the first cryptocurrency to go to Mars.

Who can say no to a digital currency that is about to land on Mars? Come on, a digital currency that can land on Mars is super cool, okay!

The price of dogcoin soared from $0.07 to $0.12 in two days, an increase of more than 40%!

This time there were no SEC warnings and no financial laws in the extra-legal land of cryptocurrency, just crazy gamblers.

Musk never tweeted anything about Bitcoin again in May, and dogcoin tweets took up most of his tweets, and the price of dogcoin rose from $0.07 to $0.75 in less than a month, a 10.5x increase.

But what comes around always comes around. The dogcoin community shouted out the slogan that dogcoin will be $0 next week and revealed in advance that Musk will go on a talk show in the US next week to attract more people to buy dogcoin.

Faced with this 25% rise, a large number of retail investors chased the rise, and Musk did release good news.

He said: dogcoin is a scam.

The same day dogcoin satoshi $0.75 waived to $0.4, people who took the high position lost 45% in one day.

Musk manipulated the market with his own power and pulled the dogcoin 10 times, and then used the good news that might come out to directly cut down the retail investors who were chasing after it.

That day Musk laughed more than cut the Minsheng securities of Zhongyuan home.

After the dog coin cut a large number of retail investors, the largest digital currency fund in the United States, the gray fund came out to do justice.

The founder of the Grayscale Fund, which also holds the most bitcoin on Wall Street in the U.S., publicly shorted dogcoin on Twitter, saying the digital currency has no value.

Musk watched as others smashed his bowl and had to jump up and smash everyone else’s pot.

The next day Tesla suspended bitcoin payments, bitcoin fell from a low of $64,000 to $29,000,000, 480,000 people exploded, and countless coins were waived.

Write at the end
The A-share and cryptocurrency worlds are actually like two casinos, one is a “legal casino” and the other is an “illegal casino”.

The people who come to play in the “legal casino” are looking at the fairness of the casino, so they will choose to give you a fee in your casino and bet on a profit and loss.

The “illegal casinos” attract a lot of speculators because of the higher odds and speculative nature.

If the “legal casino” turns a blind eye after someone cheats, it will certainly attract more cheaters to destroy the order of the casino.

The market value management team that Ye Fei is a part of is the one who is destroying the order, and behind this is the trust issue between the stockholders and the SEC.

On the other hand, it is easy to see that institutions have been difficult to cut the leeks, only to cut each other, and has been inwardly rolled to the point where 75,000 intermediary fees are to be reneged on.

After the Ye Fei incident fermented a large number of securities companies to stop research and buy stocks with a market value of less than 20 billion, this is the retribution for fraudulent investors, but also the bottom line of securities companies should be.

In the “illegal casino” cryptocurrency world, Musk should be laughing a lot lately.

There was a man who laughed as hard as he did during the 2017 bitcoin bull market, and his name was Li Xiaolai.

At that time, Li Xiaolai was advocating the concept of EOS instead of Bitcoin on Weibo

EOS rose from $2 to $26, the bear market fell to $1.3, 17 years bought this coin even this year’s big bull market is only $14, from the return of capital is still the waist cut.

In 2017 to 2021 4 years time, the market only Li Xiaolai is the voice of fraud, Li teacher is also disappeared never again.

Microblogging and Twitter shouting orders are essentially an act of fan cash, and when your fans are harvested by you it’s hard to build trust again.

In addition to the accident-prone Tesla, Musk’s roadkill, is also close to being defeated by the several coins he pushed.

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