A rational view of NFT and the Metaverse is the foundation of technological progress

After hyping up the blockchain, change to a newer concept, carrying the Metaverse to hype NFT. Are blockchain-based NFT products safe? I have always said that in the Internet age, the so-called information security is a false proposition, and there is no absolute security. Including blockchains and NFTs, these security are essentially just a step further than current secrecy technology.

Recently, the NFT held by Jay Chou was stolen, not only stolen, but also quickly resold. On April 1, Jay Chou posted on Instagram that the BAYC#3738 NFT he held had been stolen and was suspected of being attacked by phishing. This NFT was presented to Jay Chou by Huang Licheng in January 2022. According to Opensea and Etherscan data, after this NFT was stolen, it was quickly traded at prices of 111ETH, 130ETH, and 155ETH. At present, the value of 1ETH is about 20,000 yuan, and the value of Jay Chou’s stolen NFT is more than 3 million yuan.

Therefore, whether it is blockchain, or NFT, or the current hot Metaverse. Our love for keeping an eye on new technology is a good thing, but we also need to be vigilant and not blindly engage in hype. Especially the Metaverse, no one can know what the future will look like today. There are so many companies, especially listed companies, that have begun to advocate the layout of the Metaverse. However, none of these advocating companies are R&D-oriented companies in the underlying industry chain. They are all surface-level application-oriented companies, such as Aofei Data, Huike Education and other companies.

Perhaps the stock price needs to rely on hype, and perhaps it is precisely because our majority of shareholders are not mature enough and are more easily influenced by the concept advocacy of these companies. To really develop the Metaverse, what is needed is a rational attitude. It is necessary to promote the progress of science and technology through research and development from the perspective of scientific and technological development, with the attitude and determination to be a bench. The reason why American technology giants can control the underlying core technologies in the Internet field today is their pragmatic spirit and attitude. Including our Huawei, after decades of huge R&D investment, continuous trial and error, and continuous attempts, it has gained a voice in the core technology industry chain.

Jay Chou’s NFT was stolen, let us see that the hype is not sustainable, and there will always be a day when it will be exposed. Including how the security of blockchain and Bitcoin was advocated before, almost to the point of security that the earth could not crack, and it was easily broken by the FBI in the United States. Therefore, at present, we are interested in cutting-edge technology and have expectations, which is a very good thing, but we need to look at these new concepts rationally, including NFT and the Metaverse. Because a scientific and rational view is the foundation of the development of science and technology.

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