A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

Key Points:

  • Y Combinator is a popular startup incubator that hosts annual winter and summer training events;
  • Y Combinator’s alumni programs in crypto and blockchain have raised over $1 billion;
  • Some well-known Y Combinator incubation projects, including OpenSea, CoinTracker and Stacks, etc.;
  • In total, The Block counted 101 Y Combinator crypto alumni projects across 8 categories.

Y Combinator is a popular startup incubator that hosts two three-month training events each year. The incubator provides comprehensive services, starting with a personal one-on-one consultation session with a partner and ending with a Demo Day. However, the partnership doesn’t end there, as Y Combinator participants can tap into the alumni network and seek additional funding from the network.

The accelerator invests $500,000 in each company in two tranches, of which $125,000 is invested in 7% of the company’s post-money safe valuation, and the other $375,000 is invested in the “uncapped SAFE” phase.

Some of the most notable crypto/blockchain projects graduated from Y Combinator include NFT marketplace OpenSea, portfolio tracking and accounting software CoinTracker, and Bitcoin smart contract layer Stacks, to name a few.

Almost half of Y Combinator’s crypto alumni projects fall into the financial services or infrastructure category, with Web3 and NFT/Gaming a close second.

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

The Y Combinator crypto alumni program has been quite successful, raising over $1 billion to date. It’s worth pointing out, however, that nearly half of that funding is due to OpenSea’s fundraising campaign. OpenSea, Axoni, TRM Labs, and Proxy were the only crypto projects to receive Series B funding, with more than half of all crypto projects failing to raise follow-up funding after graduation.

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

Note: Companies in the lower right corner include Coinbooks, Aesthetic, Mysterious, Algofi, Coinrule, Coinfeeds, Hedgehog, Bitaccess, wOS, Bitstack, Bunkyr, Payourse, Quantstamp, and Flux, sorted by amount raised.

In total, The Block analyzed and counted 101 Y Combinator crypto alumni projects across 8 categories.

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

1. Encrypted Financial Services

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

  1. Apollo First is the developer of the BizFirst product. The platform enables merchants to create and send stablecoin invoices, accept stablecoin payments, and design and run NFT-based loyalty programs using NFT coupons.
  2. Arda is connecting traditional finance and DeFi in a compliant way, which will enable clients to access high-yield DeFi products in a single API.
  3. Blocknom is an Indonesian platform that provides crypto investment services to retail investors.
  4. Coinbooks is an accounting software that aims to change the way DAOs perform accounting.
  5. CoinTracker is a tax compliance app that fully supports the US, UK, Canadian and Australian markets.
  6. Derisk develops key escrow software that uses MPC encryption to protect an enterprise’s digital assets.
  7. DolarApp is the developer of a global dollar account where users can receive, send and pay in pesos or dollars, and save dollars to earn.
  8. Excheqr is a cryptographically secure platform for managing digital assets across multiple blockchain networks and provides features such as DeFi access and risk monitoring.
  9. Finnt is a financial application using blockchain technology to provide global joint and savings accounts.
  10. Flux Payments is a financial services platform that provides asset investment and trading services to users around the world.
  11. GoSats is a bitcoin rewards company that makes it easy for consumers to accumulate bitcoin while shopping online. The startup has more than 120 brands on its platform, including Flipkart, Amazon, Swiggy, Big Basket and Myntra.
  12. Instamenu is building a payments platform for restaurant businesses and food trucks, and ownership of the platform will be distributed among participants.
  13. Jasmine is a decentralized marketplace for climate assets such as renewable energy.
  14. Kapstar provides a UX for cross-border payments from crypto-stablecoin-based USD checking accounts.
  15. LiquiFi helps companies and DAOs automate the attribution, management and distribution of their tokens to employees, investors, partners, and community members.
  16. Lyra Pay allows users to pay with cryptocurrencies at online merchants by purchasing prepaid cards.
  17. Multis is an enterprise crypto banking interface co-founded by Thibaut Sahaghian and Théophile Villard. The company’s interface helps businesses store, manage, simplify payments, and earn interest on cryptocurrencies.
  18. Paymobil intends to become Web3’s CashApp or Venmo by using stablecoins.
  19. Payourse is a platform that helps speed up access to crypto by providing the infrastructure to help developers build user-friendly crypto products.
  20. Ping, a digital bank for international contractors and freelancers, sets up an encrypted account for them so they can access their personal dollar accounts (regardless of where they live).
  21. Rampay is a crypto deposit and withdrawal payment gateway for Web3 applications.
  22. Realty Bits is a digital infrastructure provider offering private equity products that allow users to acquire fractional ownership of real-world assets such as commercial real estate, energy funds, fixed income securities, stocks, and more.
  23. Request Network is a digital asset payment technology that enables companies and individuals to receive payment in crypto for their encrypted invoices.
  24. Rio is LATAM’s crypto payment provider, where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies for any wallet using cash, card or bank transfer.
  25. Soon is an investment platform that automatically invests idle funds in users’ bank accounts, covering both crypto and more traditional assets.
  26. Striga is a crypto-native banking service for card issuance, IBANs, custodial crypto wallets, and European compliance solutions.
  27. Terrace provides a regulatory compliant platform for institutions looking to gain exposure to DeFi. The platform handles asset custody, money flow, execution, compliance monitoring and transaction accounting.
  28. Valiu is a blockchain-based international money transfer company.
  29. ZeFi is a personal finance platform that provides a savings account with automatic compounding returns for users’ funds.

2. Infrastructure

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

  1. Cashmere is a multi-signature wallet on Solana for creators and developers to manage their funds and workflow.
  2. Alterya provides a data infrastructure for a decentralized ecosystem with a unified API layer for accessing any DeFi protocol.
  3. Blockscope is a Web3 data platform for developers to collect on-chain data from blockchain networks and plug it into their applications. Some of the platform’s services include contract analytics, wallet analytics, event and transaction database-as-a-service, push notifications, webhooks, and development tools.
  4. Bunkyr enables companies to protect users’ data using a simple, hardware-secured API. When users forget their passwords, using Bunkyr’s app provides them with familiar, powerful recovery methods to restore access to encrypted data.
  5. Chainsight is a cryptographic and NFT scam detection solution used to protect internet related companies and users from crypto fraud. These solutions help prevent users from transacting with malicious apps, wallets, fake tokens/NFTs, and phishing sites.
  6. Immuna assists cryptocurrency investors in managing the risk of investing in this asset class. The platform monitors and protects users from accidental attacks and adverse economic conditions.
  7. Internet Friends is an Ethereum wallet through which users can buy and use digital assets and NFTs with friends.
  8. NuCypher supports end-to-end encrypted data sharing on public blockchains and decentralized storage solutions. Using NuCypher, developers can grant and revoke access to sensitive data to a certain number of recipients. The company was founded by MacLane Wilkison and Michael Egorov.
  9. Poko is developing DAO tools that will help entrepreneurs and entities create and manage their own DAOs.
  10. Maybe Nothing Labs is an indexer-as-a-service data infrastructure company to help Web3 teams power the data backends of their applications.
  11. Quantstamp is a company that conducts smart contract, off-chain, network and front-end audits.
  12. QuickNode provides teams with blockchain infrastructure and services, including global APIs and Web3 development tools for Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  13. Rainbow Wallet claims to be a fun, easy, and secure way to create Ethereum wallets, collect NFTs, and explore the new world of Web3.
  14. Satsuma provides Web3 developers with tools for indexing and querying real-time blockchain data.
  15. SimpleHash is an NFT multi-chain API that enables web3 developers to easily query NFT data.
  16. SlashAuth is a developer platform for web3 applications. The platform provides login functionality, role-based access control, data storage, and more.
  17. Stacks is an open source network that supports the development of applications, smart contracts and digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Stacks connect to Bitcoin and make it programmable, acting as a programmable base layer for the blockchain.
  18. Stackup is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet designed to make it easy for beginners to buy digital assets and NFTs.
  19. Yatima is a Substrate blockchain that uses formal proofs and zkSNARKs to enhance the security and scalability of smart contracts.
  20. Zoltar Labs is a controlled testing environment for Web3 developers to perform smart contract testing.

3. NFTs/Games

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

  1. Aesthetic is a no-code platform designed for the NFT community where creators can create free or paid NFT placements.
  2. Decent.xyz is the developer of DCore, a blockchain platform for digital content distribution. The company was founded in 2015 by Matej Boda, Matej Michalko and Wayman Kwan.
  3. Filta is building a marketplace of face filter NFTs where creators can profit from the limited edition face filters they create for fans.
  4. Hyper Online can create unique avatars that can be used on their social networks to record TikTok and other live streams.
  5. LootRush is a one-stop shop for blockchain games, offering a quick onboarding process and NFT rentals across multiple games.
  6. Metafi provides blockchain infrastructure for Web3 game developers through its SDK. The company’s SDK helps developers embed non-custodial wallets in games, access APIs for blockchain data, and integrate L2 solution StarkNet.
  7. Mintplex provides no-code tools for NFT projects. The platform handles IPFS, smart contracts and minting pages/processes for newly issued NFT collections.
  8. OpenSea is an NFT marketplace. Users can buy, sell and auction their items. The marketplace was co-founded by Devin Finzer and Alexander Atallah.
  9. Players’ Lounge is a platform designed to enhance relationships within the sports community by offering tokens to connect fans with their favorite athletes.
  10. Rosebud AI provides a subscription-based app that uses artificial intelligence to help creators create animated images and NFTs.
  11. Sonar is a platform provider that enables users to track all their Solana DeFi assets.
  12. Supercool is an NFT minting marketplace for users to discover new NFT projects. The company also provides other features such as security checks for NFT minting address contracts to provide and use advanced features such as Flashbots to avoid front-running.
  13. Winter provides an embeddable widget that enables customers to purchase NFTs with a credit card.
  14. wOS is a Web3 fitness platform where players of fitness games can earn rewards for completing daily fitness and activity goals.

4. Web3

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

  1. 2 Cents is a social app where users can contribute content to a forum-based community collection and be rewarded with tokens.
  2. Argo (Movie) is an NFT platform for the film industry and TV distribution that enables creators to monetize their work and build relationships with audiences.
  3. Democracy Earth is an open source platform dedicated to making governance transparent by providing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to users who verify their identities on the platform.
  4. Mysterious is a platform for the crypto community to connect in an open forum. The team compared itself to crypto-native Discord.
  5. NewShades is developing an alternative to Discord, which will be purpose-built as a web3 native and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
  6. Notebook Labs leverages zero-knowledge proofs to provide anonymous and responsible identity for blockchain applications.
  7. Openpod aims to make it easier for open source projects to get fundraising and retain developers. The platform enables open source projects to launch a token that incentivizes developers to contribute.
  8. Protocol Labs is an open source R&D lab and the lead developer behind Filecoin, a decentralized storage solution and platform. The project was founded in 2014 by Juan Benet.
  9. Proxy is a web3 identity wallet designed to be used in blockchain-based products as well as real-life use cases such as unlocking locked doors using Bluetooth technology.
  10. Questbook operates a platform of the same name that allows companies to provide grants to developers and invest in them in an efficient and more transparent manner.
  11. SolStar is a platform for creating and organizing token communities, powered by Solana.
  12. Spruce Systems is a data privacy platform that enables users to cross The network controls its data.
  13. the402 is building a decentralized livestreaming platform that will enable artists and content creators to conduct private livestreams that can only be viewed by fans who have purchased NFTs.
  14. Trendex is a social token platform that enables people to invest in the performance of athletes, artists and creators as they would invest in stocks and company performance.

5. Trading / Brokerage

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

  1. Bitstack is an application that allows users to set up Bitcoin investment.
  2. Coinrule is an intelligent trading bot for cryptocurrency platforms that allows users to take full control of their crypto transactions while automating them using the bot.
  3. Hedgehog is a cryptocurrency aggregator and portfolio manager that enables users to trade on exchanges, track wallets and learn about crypto.
  4. HyperTrader (HyperLinq) is a fintech company building institutional-grade trading tools for cryptocurrency traders. By using HyperTrader, its desktop trading terminal, users are able to track portfolios and markets across all major crypto exchanges.
  5. Mudrex is a platform that provides investment tools, such as custom cryptocurrency baskets or curated portfolios that match an investor’s risk level.
  6. SFOX is a premium cryptocurrency trader for professional traders and institutional investors. The company was founded in 2014 by Akbar Thobhani and George Melika.
  7. Tienda Crypto is a digital asset exchange in Argentina for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The exchange also supports trading on the Ethereum and BNB chains.
  8. Tinker is a cryptocurrency electronic trading and market making company founded in 2014.
  9. Weltio offers a USD brokerage account with features such as cash access, robo-advisors, and portfolios tailored for Latin American users.

6. Data/Analysis/Information

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

  1. Canopi provides an emissions calculator and API that allows users to calculate the CO2 emissions of their BTC wallets and invest in carbon removal solutions.
  2. Coinfeeds provides crypto-related tweets, podcasts, and other news.
  3. DanteHQ provides a set of underlying data metrics and digital asset research tailored to each specific crypto project.
  4. Invezo provides a crypto analytics tool and API that aims to be the Bloomberg terminal in the crypto space.
  5. Notabene assists businesses with compliant crypto-related transactions. Headquartered in New York, the company was founded in 2020 by Alice Nawfal, Andres Junge, Ania Lipinska and Pelle Braendgaard.
  6. roverX is developing a blockchain analytics platform for NFTs that monitors blockchain networks and indexes various events to create actionable user insights.
  7. TRM Labs is a blockchain intelligence company that provides risk assessments and helps prevent fraud and financial crime using digital currencies.

7. DeFi

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

  1. Algofi is a lending marketplace and stablecoin protocol based on the Algorand blockchain.
  2. Dialect is an on-chain messaging protocol that supports dapp-to-user and user-to-user messaging, sending push notifications directly to users’ phones.
  3. EthosX is a decentralized finance platform for crypto and traditional derivatives.
  4. Meson is a platform capable of executing low-cost, zero-slippage stablecoin cross-chain transactions on all leading blockchains and L2 rollups.
  5. Sylva is a cryptocurrency wallet and investment protocol that enables cross-chain yield opportunities. Users can hold and pledge a digital asset, while also investing it in DeFi applications that are not inherent to the user’s underlying assets.

8. Enterprise

A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

  1. Axoni is a capital markets technology company that provides distributed ledger technology that enables data sharing and data synchronization between institutions, while serving as the infrastructure framework on which clients build financial platforms.
  2. Bitaccess is a Canadian producer of cryptocurrency ATMs. The company also provides enterprise solutions, KYC/compliance and smart contract development. The company was founded in 2013 by Haseeb Awan, Moe Adham and Vignesh Sundaresan.
  3. DigiBuild is a blockchain-based construction management platform where customers can find, order, track and manage their supply chain.

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