A picture to understand the relevant layout of A-share media company Metaverse

Guohai Securities believes that “Metaverse” is a point of view . Due to the different positions of all parties, there are still differences on the constituent elements, realization path, and final form of the Metaverse. Just like when Bill Gates described “What is the Internet” in 1995 and imagined the future of the mobile Internet around 2010, no one can accurately predict the development of the Internet today-but with the advancement of related technologies, the next generation of the Internet will The direction of bringing more natural interaction, more immersive experience, and more prosperous ecology is clear. We call this view and expectation the “Metaverse”.

Companies that are committed to breaking the boundaries between virtual and reality and prospering the digital ecosystem are all part of the Metaverse ecosystem . The current Metaverse ecology is roughly divided into the technical layer and the application layer. 1) The technical layer includes: the underlying technical layer, the intermediate technical layer, and the virtual world entrance; 2) the application layer includes: the infrastructure in the virtual world and the experience in the virtual world . Based on the analysis of the layout ideas of the main Metaverse ecological companies, the current layout of Metaverse has three entry points: 1) cutting in from the next-generation Internet hardware (represented by Meta, Apple, etc.); 2) cutting in from the next-generation software platform ( Represented by Nvidia); 3) Cut in from the next-generation Internet platform (represented by Roblox).

Investment advice : We are optimistic about the development opportunities brought by the development of Metaverse gradually becoming a market consensus and giants increase investment in the ecological construction of Metaverse. Based on this, we give the industry a “recommended” rating. The current layout of A-share media companies is mainly focused on the application layer, such as virtual platforms and immersive content, digital assets, digital identity, and offline experience. Some companies also have layouts at the technical layer, such as hardware portals and 3D technology. We recommend focusing on three types of companies:

  1. Application-oriented: The company’s business can provide clear landing scenarios for Metaverse-related technologies and applications; 
  2. Technology type: The company has the technical reserves needed by Metaverse;
  3. Content-based: The penetration rate of VR hardware is expected to further increase in 2022. The company has leading technical strength or related layout in VR content.

Highly recommented:

Mango SuperMedia (virtual host + virtual concert + VR application laboratory + digital collection)

Visual China (massive content + digital collection platform)

Fengyuzhu (XR + 3D rendering + immersive interaction + digital twin)

Blue cursor (virtual human)

Huace Television (virtual person)

Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (investment in VR content and hardware)

Perfect World (Steam content platform + VR content + virtual person)

Baotong Technology (VR content)

Electric Soul Network (VR content)

Chinese online (copyright protection + virtual person)

Oriental Pearl Tower (Metaverse Content Production Base + Copyright Protection), etc.

A picture to understand the relevant layout of A-share media company Metaverse

A picture to understand the relevant layout of A-share media company Metaverse

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