A panoramic view of Web3 creator economic projects

This is a list of 65 projects on the creator economy. They follow the decentralized and tokenized nature of Web3, and introduce the currently running platform to benefit every participant in the creator economy. The details are as follows :

NFT market platform (22) :

  • OpenSea ⇒The world’s first and largest digital market for cryptocurrency collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Foundation ⇒ A platform for selling unique art NFTs through auctions.
  • SuperRare ⇒ A unique art NFT market established on the basis of Ethereum.
  • Rarible ⇒ Multi-chain NFT market for digital art, collectibles, music, video, domain names, meta universe and wearable devices, etc.
  • Nifty Gateway ⇒ An NFT market for artists to create limited edition, high-quality Nifties series, and is exclusively provided by the platform.
  • KnownOrigin ⇒ NFT market of digital art boutique.
  • MakersPlace ⇒ NFTs market for creating, selling and collecting digital art works.
  • Art Blocks ⇒ Planning and generating NFT art market.
  • Async Art ⇒The dynamic, interactive art and music NFT market will change over time.
  • NFTb ⇒ NFT market of high-quality digital art established on BSC.
  • Shōyu ⇒ Sushi (sushi.com) NFT market.
  • Cryptograph ⇒ Sell unique digital collections of artists and raise funds for charity through auctions.
  • Momint ⇒ A social media NFT market that does not require prior knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency.
  • Curate ⇒ Gas free NFT&P2P market.
  • Zora ⇒ is used in the NFT market of various media types.
  • Polygram ⇒ NFT market established on DeSo (deso.org).
  • Ephimera ⇒ A digital art market for artists and galleries, mainly photography and video art.
  • Minty ⇒ NFT market, which provides unique digital artwork by censored artists.
  • Beta Cent ⇒A market for encrypted art, photos, music, and writing.
  • Neon ⇒ A market that sells NFTs, based on Solana (solana.com).
  • Rendar ⇒ NFT market for digital art works produced by world-renowned street artists.
  • Cargo ⇒ A multi-chain platform for creating, sharing, selling and buying NFTs.
  • Bisket ⇒ NFT market that provides unique and precious digital art and physical artwork, including art and animation.

Membership and social tokens (12) :

  • Roll ⇒ Provide a platform for creators and brands to forge brand digital tokens (social currency) with their exclusive online image.
  • BitClout⇒A cryptocurrency social network where creators can get their own coins.
  • Rally ⇒ Provide a platform for creators and their communities to build an independent digital economy.
  • Liquiditeam ⇒ allows creators to build tokens and sell subscription fees, token packs and NFTs directly to their community.
  • Coinvise ⇒ A tool for creators to build and operate a tokenized community.
  • Mirror ⇒ A decentralized publishing platform owned by the community that has completely changed the way we share and monetize ideas.
  • Fyooz ⇒ A platform where celebrities and creators can be tokenized, and tokens can be further traded.
  • HumanIPO ⇒ A platform that allows creators to turn fans into shareholders by issuing redeemable shares.
  • Gari ⇒ Provide social tokens for creators of short video content on Chingari.
  • Creaton ⇒ A membership platform that provides creators with real-time subscription income from fans and ownership of their content.
  • Bonuz ⇒ allows creators to create exclusive content by minting their tokens to establish connections with their fans.

NFT store and gallery builders (8) :

  • NFT.Kred ⇒, a white label NFT platform for brands and creators, allowing custom store design, custom NFT and blockchain settings.
  • Bitski ⇒ allows creators to build storefronts by casting NFTs.
  • Dime ⇒ build a storefront platform for creators, turn their content into a unique NFT, and sell directly to their subscribers.
  • NiftyKit ⇒ provides simple tools for creators, brands and businesses to start using NFTs and smart contracts.
  • NFTically ⇒ With creator- and business-friendly features, customized services, and large-scale integration to launch your NFT store or market.
  • Mintbase ⇒ Mint, sell, deploy your own smart contract, and then launch your own store, which is a certified smart contract, and mint NFT on this contract.
  • Gallery ⇒ A platform for creating public NFT collection galleries.
  • Cyber ​​⇒ The easiest way for artists and collectors to showcase NFT for free in a fully immersive 3D experience.

NFTs from social media (6) :

  • Valuables ⇒ Tweet market.
  • Clout.art ⇒ allows the most valuable content, such as Instagram posts, to be turned into a unique NFT platform & market.
  • Melon ⇒ market for social media content (copy and paste links to your social media content and sell them as NFTs).
  • CocoNFT ⇒ Turn your Instagram posts into NFT for free.
  • BlogToNFT ⇒Create NFT from blog posts and provide proof of ownership.
  • Beyond Mars Art ⇒Sell your artwork on Instagram as NFT.

NFT production tools (4) :

  • Manifold ⇒ Creators can mint NFT with zero code, retain the source on the chain, and communicate with all important NFT markets.
  • Nifty Pixels ⇒ A platform for drawing, casting and selling 32×32 pixel art at the same time.
  • Photure ⇒ Turn any photo or video into NFT mobile phone camera application.
  • Nifty Ink ⇒ A platform built on the xDAI chain that can draw and create an NFT in a few seconds.

Community (3) :

  • Friends With Benefits ⇒ A cultural membership promoted by the most popular artists, managers, and thinkers, who gather together because of common values ​​and incentives.
  • PleasrDAO ⇒ A collective of DeFi leaders, early NFT collectors and digital artists, known for acquiring important works with charity.
  • PartyBid ⇒A platform that allows users to pool their funds to purchase NFTs as a team.

Musician platform (3) :

  • Royal⇒ A platform where you can buy song ownership directly from your favorite artists, and you can also earn royalties with them.
  • Ampled ⇒A cooperative platform that directly benefits musicians through collective ownership and community support.
  • Audius ⇒ A decentralized music streaming protocol for artists to publish works and get paid directly from fans.

DeFi (3) :

  • OctoFi ⇒ When you trade with trusted DeFi and NFT markets on multiple blockchains, you will be given cash back.
  • Flair Finance ⇒ provides a decentralized hosting and launch platform for NFT-based projects.
  • Unifty ⇒ Promote tools for building next-generation DeFi and NFT building blocks.

Freelance (3) :

  • Braintrust ⇒ The first talent network owned by users and redistributing value to talents and organizations.
  • MyNFTeam ⇒ A platform that allows you to discover, join or convene NFT teams that are passionate about this field.
  • NFT Jobs and Gigs ⇒ Discover NFT projects that provide jobs, performances and collaboration opportunities.

Others (2) :

  • CharmVerse ⇒ provides a platform for creators to cast convertible NFTs, called charms, which include creators’ customized IOUs, such as investor introductions or sponsored tweets.
  • FingerprintsDAO⇒ A collector, manager and producer of blockchain fingerprints: the art of smart contracts.

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