A new era of music under the “Metaverse” is happening

In recent years, the development of the Internet has been seeking new breakthroughs. Affected by the epidemic, various industries have also focused their attention on the online, and the emerging concept of “meta universe” has begun to be frequently mentioned. With the listing of Robles in March this year, the valuation skyrocketed by more than 10 times, and everyone’s attention to “Meta Universe” has reached a new height.

The music industry continues to innovate, and actively seeks new development space under the “meta universe”. Regarding how to establish the music scene in the meta-universe world, the music industry unanimously chose to start with online virtual performances.

In April last year, Travis Scott set a record of 12 million players simultaneously watching online in Fortnite, refreshing people’s awareness of online virtual performances. In March of this year, Pokémon and singer Post Malone collaborated to create The 25th anniversary virtual concert of the “Pokémon” series, the response was equally enthusiastic. Recently, QQ Music also officially announced a strategic cooperation with Robles, jointly launching the world’s first immersive audio and entertainment game “QQ Music Starlight Town”, and held a music festival in the game.

Through this cooperation between QQ Music and Robles, we have a further thinking and understanding of the domestic music “music + game” cooperation model.

A new era of music under the "Metaverse" is happening

The boundaries of online concerts can be farther

Online music festivals in the true sense of the country are blank.

As early as last year during the epidemic, a senior student named C1fan in Hangzhou, out of his love for the Strawberry Music Festival, “reproduced” the Strawberry Music Festival in the casual game “Animal Crossing Friends”. Of course, this music festival is more of a showcase for music fans to watch in the game. Without music, there is no way to “dive”.

On June 5 this year, the mobile game version of “Moore Manor” cooperated with the new pants band and held a holographic concert in the game. Players have high expectations, but due to the poor experience, single gameplay, lack of realism and interaction, they were eventually complained as “paper man singing”. Moreover, the whole performance only had the song “Would you like to dance?”, which is not true to the name of the music festival.

A new era of music under the "Metaverse" is happening

The cooperation between QQ Music and Robles has made improvements and innovations in the existing gameplay and immersive experience at home and abroad, creating the first domestic online music festival in the true sense.

Similar to other games, before the start of the music festival, players can enter “QQ Music Starlight Town” to independently create virtual characters and virtual costumes; but the final playlist of the performance is left to the player to decide. “Six choices 3” in “Wind Up”, “Li Bai” and “Common Appreciation of Elegance and Popularity”, the guest Qi Shu (Ye Zehao) will sing to increase players’ sense of participation in the main creative link of the music festival.

Although there are no particularly cool special effects on the scene of the music festival, it combines cyberpunk with traditional Chinese elements to create a scene atmosphere that is more compatible with the performance of national style music. During the performance, special actions and fireworks are prepared for the festival. Cheer special effects also make the player’s online immersion more real.

A new era of music under the "Metaverse" is happening

In addition to being able to socialize and dance with other players in the venue, the music festival provides a parkour game. Players can parkour in the scene to accumulate starlight points, redeem music peripherals in the store, etc. The top 10 user avatar statues in the starlight point rankings will also be displayed in a fixed area in the scene. The form of player interaction at the music festival site has changed from a single participatory interaction to a sustainable experience interaction, which greatly improves the player’s stay time and the sense of interaction with the scene.

A new era of music under the "Metaverse" is happening

As the first domestic music brand to formally cooperate with Robles, QQ Music has used its imagination of “music + game” very well from setting up scenes, stage presentations and interactive experiences. Whether you are teaming up to participate in a music festival, completing a parkour set, or pogoing together in front of the stage, you can establish a new social relationship. In addition to freely shuttle in the scene and watch the performance at close range, players can also participate in the co-creation of performance scenes and music content, allowing players to play the roles of both producers and consumers, and enhance their sense of participation in the artist and the work itself. Sense of belonging.

A new era of music under the "Metaverse" is happening

The fact is true, every user who experienced the concert enjoyed the scene to the full. This also preliminarily confirmed that the new gameplay of QQ Music this online music festival is a future direction for the development of audio and entertainment games. In the future, the online music festival is not only a virtual performance, but also the door to a sustainable music world.

A new era of music under the "Metaverse" is happening

How can games and music be played in the future?

The target audiences of games and music overlap very high, and the crossover between the two is not new. The future development model of music and games will focus more on how to amplify the value of music itself by combining with games.

Judging from the existing attempts, the cross-border direction of games and music is mainly concentrated in the form of virtual performances, virtual idols, prop sales, peripheral development, game soundtracks, offline concerts, etc., and through the game’s diversified product design and realization Mode, let the music gain value in various scenes.

A new era of music under the "Metaverse" is happening

Music Xiansheng believes that with the maturity of software and hardware technologies such as AR, VR, 5G, cloud computing, and blockchain, the future “music + games” can be used in virtual social networking, fan co-creation, music promotion, etc. , To explore more diverse business models, and even derive a brand-new music meta-universe.

Looking at the entire music industry, QQ Music already has a relatively mature and complete system and experience in music publicity and music socialization. Music projects such as “Guofengji”, “Galaxy Project”, and “Rapper Alliance” for different music fields, through packaging to fully integrate and absorb music resources, and then deeply connect music and entertainment fans with celebrities and interests to establish music The entertainment social circle “pumps the community”, forming an internal and external circulation of music publicity positions, which makes QQ Music the first choice for the new hot music and entertainment gathering place in the hearts of most users.

A new era of music under the "Metaverse" is happening

The strong music resources and high-stick user community also give QQ Music sufficient strength to take the lead in exploring the future of “music + games”. I believe that with the blessing of Robles, the world’s largest 3D game creative community, there will be more surprises in the future.

It’s not hard to guess that in addition to the virtual music festival, QQ Music can also hold virtual concerts, new song releases, fan meetings and other performance content on Robles, and even connect with existing membership subscriptions, green diamonds and other paid products. The boundaries of music announcements, paid subscriptions, etc. With a huge user base and business resources, the imagination of the music platform from the game into the meta-universe will be gradually expanded.

There is no doubt that the linkage between games and music led by music platforms like QQ Music is a re-innovation of existing business models. We can foresee that the future integration of music and game scenes will further break the boundaries between virtual and reality, and develop towards a highly immersive, multi-dimensional, extensible and interactive experience.

A new revolution in the music industry is coming, and the age of music under the “meta universe” is also happening.


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