A glimpse into the most exciting narratives and catalysts in crypto today

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to spend a whole day researching crypto Twitter trending topics, market-moving narratives, and market catalysts to watch. Below is a quick cheat sheet of all the exciting things going on in the cryptocurrency space right now (none of these are advice, do your own research).


1) The Merge of Ethereum

Some high-level thoughts on this narrative are written here – this is clearly going to be the most important catalyst of all cryptocurrencies right now, and the latest Ethereum merger date is set for September 13, which is less than 2 weeks away from where we are now.

2) Real Yield

This is one of the most talked about new narratives right now, especially for DeFi. The basic premise is that investors are looking for tokens that truly operate as profitable businesses, by bringing in more money than they spend, and releasing tokens into the market. I’ve also written about my take on the subject, including how you can calculate true gains for yourself.

Token Watchlist:


3)NFT x DeFi

It’s a less talked about narrative, but it’s unquestionably objective. I think the topic is NFT trading + on-chain lending, who will get TVL in these markets (and who will get market share from Opensea).

You have projects like SudoAMM/XMON taking meaningful market share in trading volume (albeit in a low volume market).

A glimpse into the most exciting narratives and catalysts in crypto today

Source: Dune Analytics

While NFT volumes have dropped significantly, this thread is about picking future winners in the space, especially once volume + speculation returns (LOOKS is another major focus on the trading side)

A glimpse into the most exciting narratives and catalysts in crypto today

Source: Dune Analytics

In terms of lending, many new protocols have emerged, but currently the most used platforms are NFTfi, BendDAO, JPEG and Arcade

4) New Layer 1 (Layer1)


  • This chain aims to be the fastest L1 in DeFi, just raised $5M from Multicoin


  • The deployment was recently completed on Cosmos with a TVL of $85 million.


  • The Aptos mainnet is about to launch and looks to be a “Solana 2.0”, especially since key Solana figures (such as Solana’s former marketing executive) have joined the new project


  • You can read more background on the project below, but the chain is backed by ex-Facebook folks and hopes to close a funding round at a $2 billion valuation in July

5) Layer 2 (Layer2)

Arbitrum – Currently leading ecosystem in L2 TVL with ~$2.7 billion TVL. The chain just completed the Arbitrum Nitro upgrade and will relaunch the Arbitrum Odyssey campaign this month. With the narrative that an Arbitrum airdrop might be issued, the Arbitrum token might do well.

Token Watchlist


6) Memechains

While meme chains are getting some hate, they have the potential to add a lot of retail users to the ecosystem in the coming years

  • Dogechain-L1, suitable for Dogecoin (DOGE) lovers
  • Shibarium – L2 chain from SHIB, it sounds like the token BONE will be Shibarium’s gas token. While many of you will be rolling your eyes on the SHIB chain, the BONE token is up 6x from the lows (and has seen a lot of smart money flowing in). Here’s a good post on all the mechanics‌
  • Berachain – This L1 is built on Cosmos and powered by the Bongbears NFT team.

7) Fan Tokens

This is definitely something to watch as these coins are outperforming the broader market. With the World Cup in November, these “football fan tokens” started to gain traction, including Binance’s launch of 25x leverage on its football fan token index.


In addition to sharing some underlying themes/narratives surrounding the crypto market, I’d like to share some high-level catalysts that I’m currently following:

  • Fraxlend – The FXS team should launch the project soon and will provide a permissionless lending marketplace
  • Curve’s Stablecoin – Full details have yet to be revealed, but this could be a tailwind for the dominant stablecoin exchange. One of the CVX developers looks
  • $1M worth of CRV may have been purchased before Catalyst
  • Yearn v3 – I covered this in detail here, this could be a big change for DeFi tokens (according to my github survey, this should be launched soon)
  • Sudo/XMON Token Economics – Don’t know when it will be released, but XMON may take off when there is some clarity on how tokens are distributed (and assuming it’s favorable)
  • rDPX v2 and dpxUSD – I’ll dive into this in more depth tomorrow, but at a high level, Dopex is launching its own stablecoin, the issuance of which should benefit rDPX (and is expected to make it deflationary)

If you think I’ve missed other narratives/catalysts, feel free to share them below.

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