A different space to view the future of NFT

How you understand NFT depends on which space you are standing in to see NFT

Along with the hype of the blockchain concept, the concept of NFT has been pushed to the forefront. In layman’s terms, NFT is like the leaves of the world, which are different and have uniqueness and irreproducibility, and this attribute also makes NFT a virtual asset that can be collected and traded, and even brings new opportunities for many NFT players to get rich.

For senior DApp players, in the world of cryptocurrencies, NFT is full of speculative properties to get rich, for artists in this art world, NFT will give more abstract art feeling, and for geeks, NFT is simply the infinite possibilities of the digital world.

But even people’s infinite amazement at NFT, but also can not hide the fact that NFT is still in the slash-and-burn stage, the hype NFT projects, from the in-depth layout of the NFT prop trading market OpenSea to the ecological SubGift Boca, a wide range of projects you can sing our rest.

A different space to view the future of NFT

Coin World – A different space to look at the future of NFT in the conventional projects are aimed at a track deep, and today I want to mention a project, the left hand polka hotspot, the right hand NFT hotspot, directly a foot a step on the prostate of the times. That’s right, it’s SubGift!

What is SubGift?

SubGift is a comprehensive NFT service platform based on the WASM smart contract chain, configured with a complete front-end for cross-chain auctions, revenue aggregation mining pools, NFT lending pools and NFT exchanges. subGift supports crypto artist applications, NFT casting, buying and selling, airdrops, auctions, mining, lending and social services.

SubGift’s core competencies are more than those of traditional projects in the NFT track.

SubGift’s vertical and deep

If a user wants to start casting his own NFT from scratch and then auction his own NFT, it can be done in SubGift ecology, while traditional NFT projects may only provide a single NFT function, such as OpenSea only provides NFT For example, OpenSea only provides NFT transaction, Mintable only provides NFT casting function, these single functions will make users will run back and forth, increasing the cost of getting started and the cost of use.

SubGift by covering the entire line of NFT business, providing users with a one-stop service, reducing the difficulty of use, improve the efficiency of use, from the point of view of development, SubGift choose the breakthrough way worth learning from other projects.

A different space to view the future of NFT

In addition to a spacious enough front, SubGift also does a very professional job, deep plowing professional capabilities, in the big hot spot around the NFT, SubGift made a single deep breakthrough, around the NFT derived from the NFT auction, NFT lending pool and NFT exchange services, to ensure a wide range of business lines, but also in the downward rooted NFT this track, and actively explore the future of NFT injury more More possibilities.

SubGift has given full play to the thinking of an adult: I want it all!

SubGift’s strategic layout is actually ambitious, and if we take a closer look at SubGift’s origins, we may understand why SubGift has such an ambitious layout.

SubGift is an NFT ecological platform based on Poca, which is also a popular market player, and SubGift is born on Poca, which is bound to carry the potential aura of Poca. The underlying high compatibility design makes SubGift free from the restriction of the tenure of the slots of Poca’s parallel chain, and the SubGift business across multiple WASM platforms will circulate in the Poca-wide ecology and share the interoperability with Poca’s parallel chain.

A different space to view the future of NFT

In other words, SubGift inherits the advantages of the PoC ecology while seamlessly connecting to the traffic of the PoC ecology in the future, and with the mutual empowerment of PoC, the future SubGift is full of infinite possibilities! (But with such an ambitious layout and technology, it also proves why Sequoia Capital invested in SubGift.

Some users may also say, even if the NFT project is blossoming and has full potential in the future, but who would spend $1 million to buy a nebulous asset? I can totally download it myself on the Internet to exist in my computer so that I can also collect it. Even based on this view, derived from a variety of NFT is cx remarks.

But in my opinion, NFT presents not only an artwork, but also the system of algorithm iteration, the beauty of geek in the digital world, the beauty of abstraction in the art world, the beauty of money in the crypto field, and it is because of the empowerment of NFT that the original artwork will bloom in front of people’s eyes to the greatest extent. is because of the snow and dust?

Future or scam, how you understand NFT depends on which space you stand to see NFT.

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