A detailed explanation of the DAO ecological panorama

Since the beginning of October 2021, DAO’s TVL has increased by 90%. Messari researcher Roberto Talamas recently quoted DeepDao’s data on Twitter, saying that since August, DAO members have increased by 133% to more than 1.6 million entities, spanning 164 organizations. At present, the number of DAOs with 7 figures or more has increased by nearly 400%, from 12 to 58; DAOs with more than 100 members have increased from 41 to 71, an increase of 73%.

This article mainly analyzes the current projects on the DAO ecology. They follow the decentralized and tokenized nature of Web3, introduce the currently running platforms, and allow each DAO participant to have a clearer understanding. as follows:

DAO Ecological Panorama 

Currently, there are more than 100 DAOs managing more than $10 billion in assets.

A detailed explanation of the DAO ecological panorama

DAO operating system 

  • The first chapter of DAO is the operating system used to create them.
  • These projects provide the community with different templates, frameworks, and tools to pool resources and start their first DAO.
  • They usually provide smart contracts and interfaces to facilitate on-chain operations in decentralized communities.
  • The DAO operating system makes it easy for anyone to start DAO with limited technical skills.


DAOstack is an operating system for collective intelligence and new forms of human association. Used for decentralized blockchain governance, especially scalable and flexible governance protocols, can effectively support the processing of large numbers of people’s decisions.


DAOHaus is a codeless platform for launching and running Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) . All DAOs on the platform use Moloch’s open source code as the programming framework. Users can join the established DAO organization on the platform or create a new DAO organization by themselves. The platform can support the creation of DAO organizations including Guilds, Clubs, Ventures, Grants and Products. Guilds are suitable for cooperation between labor and freelancers, and clubs are suitable for For collaboration among friends, venture capital is an on-chain venture capital fund, awards are allocated for community funding, and products help complete the project.


Aragon is a dapp on the Ethereum blockchain that allows anyone to create and manage any organization . aragon network is a digital management organization controlled by tokens , focusing on creating the best conditions for economic growth . In essence, the aragon network is an ecosystem that allows arbitrary organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors to collaborate efficiently and securely, without technical loopholes and malicious participants. The on-chain organization of the aragon network will be built using aragon core, which is composed of a decentralized autonomous organization (dao) in solidity language and a web-side decentralized application (dapp). At the beginning, aragon core will focus on capitalized corporate organizations, but its modular function is enough to adapt to other types of organizations.


Colony is a community-driven Avalanche ecosystem accelerator supported by Colony’s CLY token. To put it simply, Colony: Provide early funding for projects built by Avalanche, provide liquidity purchases for the existing Avalanche Defi protocol, and pledge Avalanche (AVAX) and the upcoming subnet token to purchase selected Avalanche projects to form an index.


Orca is a user-friendly DEX on Solana. When exchanging assets on Orca, users will enjoy fast swaps, lowest transaction fees, and convenient features, such as our “fair price indicator”, which makes it easy for you to know whether you get the market price of the transaction. Users also like our collections, which are special tokens you can get by joining the Orca ecosystem.


Seascape is a game ecosystem platform based on Substrate, designed for DeFi and NFT economy. Focusing on usability and quality, the goal is to create an environment where users, developers, and stakeholders can participate in, gain, and share experiences in an motivating way. By allowing users to collaborate and profit from their game assets, Seascape has created an ecosystem in which users can earn as much profit as developers.

Grants DAO 

The first practical use case of DAO is grants.

The community donates funds and uses DAO to vote to determine how to allocate funds to various contributors in the form of governance proposals.

The governance of the grant DAO was initially conducted through non-transferable shares, which meant that participation was largely driven by social capital rather than financial returns.

The grant DAO shows that niche communities are more flexible in capital allocation than formal institutions.

Metacartel ventures

MetaCartel, a decentralized autonomous organization, released MetaCartel Ventures, or MCV for short, a DAO decentralized autonomous organization that is profitable and focuses on investment in the Ethereum application ecosystem.

The MetaCartel organization will include three types of roles, namely: Magicians, who will actively participate in management actions, such as finding new investment opportunities, due diligence or managing assets. Any non-qualified investor can only participate in the DAO as a magician. ; Goblins must be qualified investors, they will not participate in the management like a magician, but they can also actively participate like a magician, but they can choose to hide behind; the summoner needs to manage the financial and contractual aspects of the entire project Regulations and many other specific matters.

Mint fund

The Mint podcast exclusively introduces how today’s creators use social tokens, DAOs and NFTs and other native Web3 components to build future communities.

Compound Grants

Compound Grants provides donations to projects, ideas, and teams that make Compound better. This grant program is as fast and easy as possible for applicants. Specifically, you can apply for quick subsidies and community grants.

Quick subsidies can be provided within two weeks after application, and the amount is less than $125k, the fastest option. For community grants, the amount is more than $125k, and the idea behind the process is simple: publish on public forums to solicit ideas and opinions from community members.

Protocol DAO 

The agreement DAO transfers power from the core team to the community, providing a new way for projects to issue alternative tokens to the market.

Although the first chapter of DAO features non-transferable stocks, the agreement DAO is the first to issue transferable ERC20 tokens with secondary market value.

These tokens are usually used for management protocols, which means that token holders have the sole authority to propose, vote, and implement changes to the basic mechanisms of the network.

Projects usually vote on how to distribute the tokens, which opens the door to liquidity mining, income agriculture, fair release, and everything in between.

The protocol DAO provides a framework for any network to issue tokens (hopefully) owned and operated by its community.


MakerDAO is a smart contract system on Ethereum, providing the first decentralized stable currency Dai (Ether U.S. Dollar) and derivative financial products. Dai is issued by the full mortgage guarantee of the assets on the chain, and maintains a 1:1 anchor with the U.S. dollar. Individuals and companies can exchange Dai or mortgage Dai to obtain hedging assets and liquidity without centralization risk. The Maker platform has already been used in mortgage loans, margin trading, international transfers, and supply chain finance.


Compound is the first project to obtain venture capital from Coinbase, and it is also part of Coinbase’s efforts to promote blockchain innovation.

Compound provides due interest for crypto assets placed on exchanges and wallets. The interest rate of each asset will be dynamically adjusted according to the borrowing demand of that asset. Compound hopes to attract hedge funds, experienced investors and borrowers. In fact, it is not surprising that Compound can get support from Coinbase, because the company’s technology is consistent with Coinbase’s philosophy of a company that is revolutionizing traditional finance.


U niswap is a decentralized exchange protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain , called decentralized Shapeshift or Bancor, which can provide non-custodial transactions of ERC-20 tokens. Its first version (Uniswapv1) has been running since November 2018 (released at DevCon), and the second version (Uniswapv2) was released in May 2020.


AAVE is a Finnish word meaning “ghost”, which represents Aave’s efforts to create a transparent and open infrastructure for decentralized finance . Its main product was ETHLend, a decentralized lending market backed by cryptocurrencies.


The predecessor of yEarn.finance is iearn.finance, an automated DeFi rate of return aggregator. Before the launch of the governance token YFI, its total assets under management were approximately US$8 million and a comprehensive rate of return of approximately 10.5%. Its working principle is mainly to automatically save stable coins, and realize income through multiple protocols such as AAVE, Compound and dYdX.

yEarn.finance is a re-launched product that brings a new set of yield tools such as ytrade, yliquidate, yleverage, ypool and smart contract credit entrusted loans.


The SushiSwap liquidity encapsulation project, cloned from Uniswap, the biggest difference is that it has issued a SUSHI pass, and 0.25% of the transaction fee is directly allocated to active liquidity providers. The team hopes to optimize Uniswap with the SUSHI token economic model. But Uniswap founder Hayden Adams said that Sushi is just something created by any capable developer in a day’s hard work, trying to profit from the hype and the value created by Uniswap.


Synthetix was formerly called Havven, which is a decentralized payment network designed for daily digital currency consumption. Synthetix network uses a dual currency system to reduce price fluctuations. The network transaction fee is used as collateral to issue a new stable token with asset endorsement on the blockchain, the Nomin token.


Curve aims to use advanced bonding curves to create a deeper level of liquidity on the blockchain. It is currently in the testing phase. It is a pool of funds for transactions on Ethereum, which aims to achieve extremely efficient stablecoin transactions and provide liquidity providers with low-risk supplementary fee income and no opportunity cost.

Curve allows users to trade between DAI and USDC with a low-delay, low-fee algorithm designed specifically for stablecoins. In the background, the liquidity pool is provided to the Compound agreement to generate income for the liquidity provider.

Index coop

Index Cooperative is a decentralized index community initiated by Set Protocol, also known as Index Cooperative or Index. With the joint contributions of community members, Index has the opportunity to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency asset management platform.

Index Cooperative is the first decentralized organization initiated by the community, focusing on the creation and management of cryptocurrency indexes. In order to realize this vision, they hope that Index Coop can work with global financial talents, encryption experts and teams to create and manage high-quality cryptocurrency indexes, manage system parameters, and embed the agreement in more distribution channels.


PieDAO is a new project of the technical team Dexlab. Previously, Dexlab has established a global community of users and participating contributors through continuous delivery of well-known DeFi products and infrastructure.

PieDAO is a community-managed platform that provides liquidity, infrastructure and management, allowing anyone to use digital and synthetic assets to create their own PIE (similar to the distribution strategy of ETFs) . Each strategy is available globally and there is no minimum investment amount.


Tornado.cash can help you recover privacy and send Ether to any address by hiding the sending address. Realized through zero-knowledge proof. You can use this application to deposit ETH into a non-custodial smart contract, and then easily generate proof that you have executed the deposit without revealing the original address. Then, the application will send this proof to the operator, the operator will submit it to the smart contract, and then the smart contract will send ETH to the desired recipient, and pay a small fee to the operator.


Gitcoin, an open source software development incentive platform, has a vision to support various open source projects through the blockchain and promote the development of the open source movement. Supported by ConsenSys.

If you are the initiator of an open source project, or you are managing the code repository of a Github open source project, you can initiate Issues on Gitcoin as a reward. This Issue may be to fix a certain bug, develop a certain function, or solve a certain security issue , Interested developers can receive Issue rewards and collaborate on code on Github. If the initiator accepts the Pull Request you submitted, the ETH bound to the reward will be automatically sent to the developer’s wallet address.

To put it simply, Gitcoin certifies the open source collaboration mechanism on Github, and now they can get a little economic return and reward in addition to their interests and volunteers.


Lido is a solution for liquid betting on Ethereum.


KeeperDAO, distributed system development company Talo, and digital asset management platform Amber Group jointly launched, focusing on DeFi’s on-chain liquidity, aiming to encourage token holders to participate in the liquidity pool through economic incentive strategies to coordinate margin transactions and loans Clearing and rebalancing in application areas such as exchanges and exchanges. In other words, KeeperDAO allows users to concentrate their funds in Ethereum smart contracts and obtain common benefits through on-chain arbitrage and liquidation opportunities, which not only allows all participants to obtain passive income through a game, but also ensures decentralized finance Application fluidity and orderliness. In order to maximize the use of idle funds, all assets in the fund pool will continue to provide loans to Compound, dYdX, etc. In addition, KeeperDAO participants do not need to build their own infrastructure and robots, design payment priority strategies, etc., which greatly reduces the barriers to entry. 

The KeeperDAO protocol can economically encourage the centralized participation of “managers” strategies, and management involves margin trading, lending, and liquidation. This enables participants to obtain passive income in a game-theoretically optimal way, while ensuring that decentralized financial applications remain liquid and orderly.


Badger is a secure identity authentication for Bitcoin Cash, as a web wallet for holding digital assets such as BCH, and as a bridge for decentralized applications. Badger DAO is committed to building products and infrastructure to introduce Bitcoin to DeFi.


Rarible is an NFT issuance and trading platform that creates and sells digital collections protected by blockchain.


OlympusDAO protocol, an open source and extensible peer-to-peer electronic currency system.

Rari capital

Rari Capital, the smartest automated trading advisor, can ensure the highest returns, not just loans. Easily deposit DAI and it will be rebalanced to maximize your return. What they did was not just borrow the basic agreement. They do market making, provide insurance and so on.

Cream Finance

Cream Finance is an open and inclusive financial system based on smart contracts, which will push the boundaries of emerging financial systems to contain as many users and assets as safely as possible. It will first be launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) through an algorithmic currency market protocol.


Audius is a blockchain-based multi-centralized music sharing platform, created by Roneil Rumburg and Ranidu Lankage. It aims to remove the intermediate links and additional costs of music streaming services, allowing artists to directly get their own revenue share. Specifically, users of the platform can spend money to buy Audius tokens, or they can earn tokens by watching advertisements. When they listen to songs from a multi-centralized music library, the blockchain wallet will automatically use the token to pay for it at less than a cent. Among them, about 85% of the income is the artist’s own income. The remaining part is obtained by the song provider and software developer. In contrast, some other streaming music service providers in the current industry can only provide artists with a 70% income share.


Universe is a community-driven NFT platform built on Ethereum, aiming to create a sustainable ecology for artists and fans . Users can cast and certify NFTs, auction NFTs, and trade in the NFT market in a community-based way in Universe.

Inverse finance

Inverse Finance stable currency income agreement, designed to deposit Dai and earn ETH. Published by Nour Haridy, an Egyptian blockchain architect. The deposited Dai will be invested in income optimization agreements such as Year, and the income will be continuously converted into ETH and distributed to the holders, and Dai can be withdrawn at any time.

Haridy said that the YFI team whitelisted the Inverse Finance vault, which also means that Inverse Finance depositors will become the first users of Yearn v2.

Aavegotchi INSTA

Aavegotchi is a DeFi mortgage for encrypted digital collections, collecting, bidding and combining Aavegotchis to get the ultimate gamified DeFi experience!


Ocean is used to trade 0x Relayer and liquidity pool based on Ethereum token.

Invest in DAO 

As the agreement DAO brings new tokens into the world, it seems logical for groups to join forces to invest in them.

After a long-term non-profit DAO, the investment club opened the switch for members and focused on creating returns.

Although these DAOs have more legal restrictions than Grant DAOs, they show that any group of individuals can gather together and invest more capital with a lower barrier to entry.

Investment DAO allows members to pool capital and invest in projects at an early stage.


The Ethereum community has created a new paradigm for non-bank investment vehicles.


Flamingo is a full-stack DeFi protocol that integrates asset cross-chain, automatic market maker DEX, synthetic stable currency, and automatic market maker perpetual contract trading AMM Perpetual . As Neo’s infrastructure in the DeFi field, it is not only an important component that complements the Neo DeFi layout, but also provides novel solutions to several urgent problems currently facing DeFi.

With the Poly Network, Flamingo will become the first financial protocol in the DeFi market that supports cross-chain transaction consistency, unleashing the potential of being limited to the scale and processing efficiency of the single-chain DeFi market. Borrowing based on the over-collateralization paradigm and fragmented liquidity resources have made the potential of DeFi fund use efficiency and liquidity not fully realized, and Flamingo will become the first financial agreement in the DeFi field to open up the AMM liquidity pool and the synthetic mortgage asset pool. DeFi’s capital use efficiency, asset size limit and liquidity have been fully optimized.


Komorebi believes that the crypto world will become the backbone of the global economy, culture, and digital interaction, and hopes to make this future a reality by investing in outstanding women and non-binary founders in the industry.

Komorebi is a poetic Japanese expression, meaning the light and shadow of the sun through the trees. The goal of its organization is to illuminate and promote a group of undervalued and visionary entrepreneurs in the crypto field.

Its core operating team is composed of members of she256 non-profit organizations, committed to creating a blockchain women’s organization, increasing the diversity of the blockchain field and breaking the barriers to entry, focusing on increasing the diversity of the industry through education and community building.


BitDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to promote the development of open finance . Its original intention was to allocate a large amount of capital and human resources to promote the growth of DeFi, especially in terms of capital, R&D, and liquidity. BitDAO will also support the development of blockchain technology through donations, and support existing and emerging projects through token exchanges.

The project has continuous regular investment and will become one of the largest fund pools controlled by DAO in the future. These assets can be used to provide liquidity for partners and promote new cooperation, such as decentralized trading platform DEX, lending and comprehensive projects.

Duck DAO

The DuckDAO community is different from anything that the financial world has seen before. It is made up of investors who are looking for long-term opportunities, and is actively active on Twitter, 4chan, Reddit and other blogs and social media to capture investment opportunities.

Service DAO 

With so many tokens entering the world, projects need talents. The service DAO is a talent allocator that uses on-chain credentials to gather and allocate resources from one DAO to another DAO.

The service DAO creates decentralized working groups for individuals and works for the open Internet-essentially as a cryptographic native talent agency.

From law to creativity, from governance to marketing, from development to capital management, Service DAO creates channels for Web3. Work is usually rewarded with ERC20 tokens-providing ownership of the value created for the network.

Serving DAO to explore the future of work and the employment situation in the encrypted native world.


Initiated by the Gnosis team in March 2019, DXdao is based on DAO Stack and aims to develop DeFi products in a decentralized organizational model . After the project is deployed, Gnosis will withdraw to ensure that it does not retain any type of control or pre-mined assets in DXdao, and to ensure that everything is fair and just.


PartyDAO is a product of NFT collective bidding. Organize parties, invite friends, bid together and have fun.


MetaFactory provides decentralized fashion label ownership and output rights, reorganizes digital meta nodes, and forms a culture. The future is digital, and it will be easier to create ideal products through decentralized production methods.

Fire eyes

Fire Eyes DAO was born in the governance department of Raid Guild. It is a Meme-driven development organization. It brings together crypto-origins who focus on token economics and governance, and is participating in the construction of decentralized governance . They believe in Meme-driven development, have a deep understanding of DeFi and DAO ecology, and can effectively lay the foundation for the ownership economy.


DeepDAO focuses on the analysis of the decentralized world , paying attention to all DAO platforms such as DAOStack, Moloch, Aragon, Colony, and tracking votes, memberships, proposals and financial data. DeepDAO aims to provide comprehensive information analysis content for the decentralized governance system. It has covered more than 100 DAO financial and governance data. It is currently expanding the coverage of DAO and quantifying and measuring the dynamic indicators of the governance process in DAO.


NeptuneDAO is the second DAO newly launched by The LAO and a continuation of its establishment of a fully digital Silicon Valley, aiming to provide liquidity for blockchain projects . Initially, 70 member seats will be opened, and each member can contribute 60 Ethereum to obtain 100,000 Neptune tokens, with an upper limit of 900,000 Neptune tokens or 540 Ethereum.

NeptuneDAO will make full use of the professional knowledge and background of The LAO members to ensure that the DeFi protocol gets the required support. Any of its members can propose liquidity and investment strategies, and the remaining members will vote on it. The strategic part will be executed by former ConsenSys chief strategy officer Sam Cassatt and Aligned Capital. In addition, OpenLaw will also provide strategic support for dapp development.


Llama.community allows you to set a budget for crypto community funds, track the inflow and outflow of funds, and manage progress. It involves the community voting on the Snapshot proposal; the signers of the multi-signature wallet implement the content of the community vote; and updating the budget on the spreadsheet to reflect the amount spent. Llama.community aims to simplify the workflow.


LexDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that promotes legal cooperation. It has implemented a reputation program and is planning to transfer to the Aragon DAO agent program to distribute admission functions among more addresses.


Dorg is a full-time freelance agency that runs on Web3.


DAOHAUS has found the easiest way to find, join, and start Moloch DAOs. Discover, promise, or call on your own.


OPOLIS is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is known as a distributed employer organization, aiming to build an easy, convenient and autonomous employment mechanism.


DoinGud is an NFT market and social platform dedicated to enabling artists, creators, collectors, curators and other social organizations to support each other, find ownership, maintenance, and autonomy, so as to focus on creating a better future and empowering them with economy value.


Yield Guild Games is a NFT decentralized autonomous organization, which mainly helps investors gather assets and bet on NFT profits, and ultimately share profits with supporters . At present, YGG mainly focuses on the game NFT field. Just like real estate, the virtual economic activities of games will be carried out on virtual land. Due to the scarcity of virtual land, the demand for virtual land in blockchain games will continue to increase.


HoneyDAO is a fair start-up fundraising platform that provides value for DeFi projects through DAO.


Myco is a platform for groups to create and distribute value together, evolved from Outpost. Its core mission is to help people increase their ability to empathize and understand each other, and maximize their free expression while being able to consume content individually.


UniWhales aims to analyze market trends on Uniswap, track giant whales on Uniswap, and present real-time data.


Yam Finance is an experimental agreement designed and launched by Brock Elmore, Trent Elmore, Clinton Bembry, Dan Elitzer, and Will Price. It integrates programmable currency and governance innovations, has flexible supply, is fully driven and distributed by on-chain governance The mechanism is fair and not assigned to the team. The initial target was 1 USD per YAM. Yam Finance adds a key supplementary mechanism on the basis of the existing elastic supply model, that is, the part of each supply expansion is used to purchase yCRV (high-yield USD stable currency) and add it to the Yam repository. Community governance. The total supply of YAM is 5 million pieces (may be changed through reset in the future), and the reset/rebase period (Rebase Period) is once every 12 hours, namely 4 o’clock and 16:00 Beijing time. When submitting a governance proposal, the YAM threshold is 1% of the total supply, and the voting time for the proposal is 48 hours. 


AladdinDAO aims to use the best talents in the DeFi industry, as a decentralized asset manager, and use a competitive mechanism to allow ordinary users to identify the most exciting, profitable, and trustworthy DeFi products. Its founding members are composed of heavyweight crypto investment institutions and DeFi experts, including Polychain, Digital Currency Group, 1kx, Multicoin, CMS, Nascent, Alameda, DeFi Alliance, Robert Leshner, Kain Warwick, Hart Lambur, Alex Pack, Ashwin Ramachandran and Sharlyn Wu is committed to bringing order to the chaotic encryption world through AladdinDAO, and promoting the whole industry to become bigger and stronger.

Social DAO 

What does it mean to be a member of the DAO? In an industry dominated by speculation, Social DAO focuses on social capital rather than financial capital. Social DAO is a natural evolution of group chat, where friends become colleagues.

Social media has turned everyone into a media company, and social DAO has turned every group chat into a digital business.

They challenged what it means to be part of the community and provided ways to be part of the digital native tribe.

Social DAO shows that encryption is not just about making money quickly, the Internet is the best place to meet like-minded people.


Friends With Benefits, a new model of Ethereum social tokens. Artists and creators are rethinking how to connect with fans and monetize online. FWB is a new type of social community that uses tokens for visits and rewards.

Seed club

Seed Club is a Social Token incubator, helping online creators to start their own Social Token project . They help design, publish and develop social tokens so that anyone on the Internet can reach their full potential.


The Radicle stack is built on IPFS and can run without a centralized server . Configuring the host is very simple. The project contains a git library and can be accessed directly from the terminal. Radicle has programmable properties and supports you to adjust your own code collaboration service. The P2P program written in Radicle language can be changed according to your needs, or you can create a new one.

Its governance token RAD supports a large number of integrated Ethereum functional payments, Radicle network public ownership, collective governance and long-term sustainability. RAD pass holder users do not need to pay when interacting with the Ethereum-based protocol, that is to say, pass holders can avoid paying or enjoy a certain payment discount, and participate in network governance.


FiatLuxDAO brings together a group of optimistic alumni of the University of California, Berkeley. This is the first alumni DAO they have established.


Prosper is a short-term prediction market platform on the Binance Smart Chain. Players can use Prosper to predict the BNB market and obtain PROS token rewards.

Bright moments

Bright Moments is an NFT gallery, an IRL experience of the emerging crypto economy. Starting from Venice Beach in California, USA, NFT artists are showing new works here.

Proof of humanity

Proof of Humanity is a DAO that introduces humanity demonstrations, using a socially verified registration system, and a truly democratic one-person-one-vote governance system with open participation.


The full name of BYAC is Bored Ape Yacht Club. It is a collection of 10,000 apes NFTs, including hats, eyes, looks, clothing, backgrounds and other 170 attributes with different rarities. 10,000 unique apes were randomly combined by programming, and each ape has a different expression and dress.

Collector DAO 

NFT. You have heard of them-for a while, you could not ignore them.

Behind the mainstream adoption, the collector DAO appeared to collect them.

The curator group acts as the potential glue behind a particular artist, platform or series to help build longevity.

The collector DAO tries to manage which NFTs have long-term value.


The way PleasrDAO works is to purchase and fund culturally significant works, create something that fundamentally supplements the soul of the work, and then share it with the community. PleasrDAO is a unique group composed of DeFi leaders, early NFT collectors and digital artists. They have built a strong reputation by acquiring culturally significant works through charity.


Flamingo is a comprehensive DeFi protocol that integrates cross-chain assets, AMM, synthetic stablecoins, contract transactions, and pledge rewards . The first agreement in the DeFi field to achieve cross-chain assets across multiple chains, initially supporting mainstream assets such as BTC, ETH and stable coins; Flamingo’s product and mechanism design optimization can increase the utilization rate of investors’ funds by 400% compared to the current DeFi agreement .


SquiggleDAO supports the development of generative blockchain art. Its goal is to establish the largest generative blockchain art collection on the Internet.


FingerprintsDAO is a collector, curator and producer of fingerprints and smart contracts on the blockchain, planning and collecting artworks using smart contracts in a creative way. They gather artists and builders together to make fingerprints of the blockchain.


Whale develops from users, artists, and assets three-dimensionally to improve community recognition and brand communication . In the near future, Whale “treasury” may not only become the vane of the development of encrypted art, WHALE is more likely to become the basic currency of encrypted art transactions.


MUSE0 is a museum DAO curated by artists and collectors to fill the vacancies in institutions that cultivate, collect, and enshrine NFTs so that NFTs can have a more permanent home. The focus is purely community, support, and charity as the center, not monetization. It will collect NFTs, but it will not sell them. MUSE0 will not only appear in the digital world and various Metaverses, but also hope that over time, it will also create a physical existence.


Beets is a distributed media library management system for geeks who are obsessed with music. Its purpose is to make your music collection once and for all, classify your collection, automatically improve its metadata, and provide a complete set of tools for manipulating and accessing music.


Jenny Metaverse DAO is a Metaverse DAO controlled by the community and will launch a NFT collection through Unicly. Unicly is a platform that can fragment NFT transactions and solves the liquidity problem of matching single NFT buyers and sellers.


Meebits is an NFT project launched by Larva Labs, the development team of Cryptopunks. It is a 3D virtual world game with a total of 20,000 tokens. Holders of Cryptopunks and Autoglyphs will receive Meebits for free, and the remaining Meebits will be auctioned off.

Media DAO 

In an era when information is globally accessible, the ownership of the narrative that disseminates information should also be.

The media DAO returns this power to the people who consume the content.

They broke the way writers, anchors, and readers interact with the content they posted. Whether it is a media mining program that encourages contributions, or the governance of which topics make it to the front page, Media DAO has turned consumption into a two-way road.

The media DAO shares an export public agenda to spread awareness and news.


Forefront is an insight aggregator for the entire social token field. Forefront’s goal is to provide market data for all social tokens, no matter what platform these tokens are issued on, or what token standards (such as ERC721) are used. The primary goal of FF is to better provide standards for listed projects and to provide coordination means using token voting.


BanklessDAO originated from Bankless. This is a media founded in 2019. It was originally a newsletter tracking the dynamics of the encryption industry. In 2020, podcasts and other content were added. In 2021, it will officially operate under the company’s structure and has achieved profitability. A registered company It’s called Bankless LLC. In May of this year, Bankless issued a proposal to the community to launch Bankless DAO. BanklessDAO is the product of community consensus. It has no legal entities in the traditional business society and is completely independent of Bankless media operations.


Global Coin Research is an investment research company focusing on the Asian blockchain market and technology . It was founded by Joyce Yang, a former member of TechCrunch. Other members that have joined include Scalar Capital’s Linda Xie, The New York Times’ Nathaniel Popper, and Vitalik Buterin , Benny Giang of Cryptokitties and other encryption, technology and business leaders. 


Rekt is a dark network of DeFi journalists, founded by Julien Bouteloup.


In theory, any organization can be a DAO. Anyone can start a DAO, it does not have a top-down hierarchical system, with the characteristics of tolerance and openness.

The rules of DAO are all coded with smart contracts and open source . What the organization does is completely transparent.

The ultimate goal of DAO is to be able to work efficiently in a distributed environment, so that everyone in the organization can speak out without affecting the overall performance of the organization. Although DAO is still in its early stages, it will be continuously improved in the future.

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