A comprehensive overview of Art Gobblers’ innovative gameplay, controversies, and challenges

The long-dormant NFT market has finally ushered in a small boom.

Launched by top venture capitalist Paradigm and Justin Royland (co-creator and executive producer of the well-known animation “Rick and Morty”), Art Gobblers has attracted market attention and become a hotly discussed NFT project on Crypto Twitter recently.

Not only that, Art Gobblers is also very impressive in the secondary market, with its trading volume in opensea reaching 9585ETH in the past 7 days, nearly 3 times higher than CryptoPunks.

However, as the crypto community is excited about Art Gobblers bucking the trend, doubts surrounding the project have spread around celebrity hype and higher shipments. For a time, Art Gobblers was pushed to the forefront.

Why did Art Gobblers explode? What is the significance of the series of gameplay it has for the development of the NFT market? What is the nature of the community’s criticism pointing to the problem? This article summarizes Art Gobblers articles from different angles in the hope of helping readers understand Art Gobblers themselves and their potential impact on the market.

Get to know Art Gobblers in its entirety

Paradigm details the digital art experiment Art Gobblers: Goo model practitioners

Art Gobblers is a decentralized art factory owned by “aliens”. As artists create cool art, Gobblers gain cultural relevance and collectors want art more, inspiring artists to create cooler art. At the same time, it is also an on-chain game.

The collection NFTs are called art greedy because they devour the artwork. In particular, they eat artwork drawn by artists by using our drawing tools and turn into 1/1 NFT using in-game resources. Everything Gobbler eats belongs to its on-chain artwork and will be displayed forever in its belly gallery.

Why is the burning NFT project Art Gobblers so cool?

At present, AG may hope to encourage creators to create cautiously by limiting production capacity; And lengthening the early supply release cycle to give the market enough reaction time, I personally speculate that after the first few waves of Drawn Pages come out, whether it is caused by market behavior or official pushers, it should feed several Gobblers with higher transaction prices to become typical, further stimulating the market’s response.

Overall, in the long run, AG is still a very interesting project, this collector and creator stronger interactive attributes, may really build a dynamic creator ecology, and from the early activities can be seen that AG has the idea of wanting to emulate the Loot ecology, hoping to grow interesting things based on its own ecology, although it is still too early, but I still like this kind of open, composable ideas, Expect what this Paradigm experimental field will look like.

Art Gobblers: A new NFT issuance platform

This project is simply an NFT distribution platform, specially designed and developed for artists to issue their own NFTs. On the project’s platform, artists can use the tools provided by the platform to hand-draw their own NFTs and store them on the chain.

However, providing NFT design and generation tools is not the biggest highlight of this project, its biggest highlight is the hope to improve the NFT issuance mechanism: mainly to avoid unreasonable selling prices, avoid buyers rushing to cause gas fees to rise, and various unfairness in the NFT sales process.

Second, in-depth understanding of Art Gobblers issuance, tokens, auction mechanism

Art Gobblers: The most avant-garde distribution, the “NFT version of the biosphere II” created by the top institution Paradigm

Gobblers NFTs are divided into common and rare models, and the “multiplier” of ordinary models is also different. Since Gobblers NFTs can generate $Goo Tokens, the “multiplier” determines the rate at which each Gobblers NFT generates $Goo tokens.

In addition to the regular model, there are also 10 rare “legendary Gobblers NFTs”. According to Art Gobblers Green Paper, “They will appear at specific times in the next decade, providing a staccato sense of drama and structure to the game.”

Art Gobblers: A cleverly designed decentralized NFT factory protocol

The Token reward distribution takes into account both the weight of the NFT and the weight of the Token, and when the weight of the NFT = the weight of Goo, the total weight takes the maximum. Therefore, Gobblers holders will buy and sell Goo according to the holding of Gobblers, and Goo stakers will also buy the corresponding weight of NFT to maximize their profits. Thus, the interests of NFT and Token holders are aligned.

Art Gobblers: An on-chain gallery in which Paradigm participates, a test field for a new token economy model

What makes Art Gobblers special is its tokenomics, and Paradigm has even devised some novel token issuance mechanisms for it, such as variable rate GDA (VRGDA), which provides the protocol with a timeline that can customize the NFT sales curve, with the core principle of raising prices when sales advance and decreasing prices when sales fall behind. The latter is mainly to solve the problem of fungible token distribution of NFT projects, so that the interests of NFT holders and token holders are aligned.

Second, the controversy and thinking brought about by Art Gobblers

New NFT project Art Gobblers sparks controversy, is there real fairness in the crypto world?

As secondary sales surged, Crypto Twitter began tweeting about the names of people who minted these NFTs, including many well-known NFT KOLs, content creators, and high-profile Twitter personalities such as Rug Radio co-founder Farokh Sarmad, anonymous collector and creator Fxnction, Twitter Spaces resident host and Devotion co-founder Andrew Wang, as well as anonymous KOL and content creator Zeneca. However, the promotional content has had a very negative impact on users, because they know that these KOLs with a large audience have made huge profits by minting NFTs for free, and they feel deeply unfair.

Art Gobblers ignited the NFT market, but the flywheel effect may not kick off

For artists, they can post their creations on “pages” and mint them into one-of-a-kind NFTs, while from a collector’s perspective, gobbler is equivalent to a museum NFT with which they can “devour” the NFTs minted by the artist and exhibit them, which is a very exciting experiment in the NFT collectibles space.

Ideally, collectors would be interested in buying NFTs created by artists, which would prompt artists to create better NFT creations that could drive the entire ecosystem.

But the question is, how do you ensure that collectors have sufficient and sustained motivation to collect? Unfortunately, this is not explained clearly in the article published by Paradigm, which simply mentions the following:

“As artists create cool art, the cultural relevance of Art Gobblers increases.”

This vague statement is not convincing. In the worst-case scenario, if the majority of participants are speculators, the experiment is likely to fail (which is the main reason Art Gobblers needed to carefully select participants when launching the community).

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