A coin has a position logic to keep going up

Defi will be the future, it is still a super blue ocean and all projects have some landing.

A coin has a position logic to keep going up

Many of the animals in the zoo are propped up, “PetroChina” ICP funds also came out, the money returned to the mainstream coins, but also back to the Defi field, the air always speculation is finished one day, the final destination of these funds or value coins, a coin has a position logic, in order to continue to rise. Before the maniac said many times, Defi will become the future, now is still a super blue ocean, all the projects have a certain landing, like decentralized exchange and some lending platforms can achieve profitability every month, this is no longer in the category of blockchain continuous speculation air, so as their profitability is enhanced, governance tokens will naturally rise, this is the most certain in the next 1-2 years This is the most certain main line in the next 1-2 years, and its certainty is second only to bitcoin and ethereum. As for those cats and pigs, they can only bounce around at some stage, and it is difficult to survive in a lasting way.

The U.S. town of Miami Lakes accepts cryptocurrencies for municipal fees, including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bit cash, and consumers can pay for permits, business licenses and more with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are already fully functional as cash in this city, and the continued deep support and experimentation of the zf will make cryptocurrencies a global currency.

Newsweek survey shows that 46 million Americans currently hold bitcoin, which is equivalent to 17% of the US adult population, while Gemini reports that about 14% of the US population holds cryptocurrencies, which is quite a big difference between the two figures. In any case, over 10% of Americans are already involved in investing in cryptocurrencies, and the future takers will hardly come from the US, we can only see China, India, Brazil, and other countries with large populations will have to see how they continue to flood the market.

Coinbase over TikTok ranked first in the Apple app store. Previously, it was all people brushing ShakeYin for entertainment, but now it’s all people speculating on coins at home to make money. If the cryptocurrency world doesn’t cool down, the employment rate in the U.S. is estimated to get worse and worse, and eventually everyone will play false, and the economy will collapse, so the regulation in the U.S. shouldn’t be too far away.

The SEC warned of the volatility and lack of regulation that characterizes the Bitcoin market, saying that Bitcoin is a “highly speculative investment”. This warning is meaningless to new leeks, who have never lost any money, so it’s a waste of time to warn about anything, and only those who have paid tuition can understand the importance of controlling risk.

Coinbase led, Anchorage, Kraken and Circle several companies jointly formed a crypto rating committee to introduce a regulatory framework for the properties of cryptocurrency securities. The old U.S. is still relatively rigorous in doing things, and the above regulation has not come down, so they manage themselves first, and do things not just to circle money. The culture of each country is really different, so the final attribution of the project will also be different.

E-commerce giant eBay will allow the sale of NFT on its platform. The process in the U.S. is just too fast, and after the wild growth of the cryptocurrency community, the big boys of traditional finance and traditional Internet industries are coming in, leaving us with a smaller and smaller seam.

Google Pay users can send money to over 200 regions via bitcoin, and the blockchain, grafted onto the internet, will soon pave the way for the world to transfer value.

Bloomberg’s top analysts think a US bitcoin ETF will come in 2021, and Canada has now approved 4 bitcoin ETFs, so expectations for this thing aren’t as fried as they used to be, and if it’s ever approved, it’s worth a 5-10% increase.

Musk got the dogcoin vote over, over 3 million people want Tesla to accept dogcoin payments, another 900,000 said they were against it. So Tesla accepting dogcoin payments is estimated to be a recent thing, and once it comes out, another wave of mainstream will be sucked.

The average inflow of stable coins on exchanges is at a two-year high. More stable coins means a higher probability of rise, and bitcoin and ETH on exchanges still continue to decrease, which the change between supply and demand, it is not difficult to see the real reason for the recent rise.

GBTC and ETHE discount rates are -14.46% and -0.62% respectively. Ether discount is coming back too fast, which means there are still institutions buying and the trend remains unchanged.

Market Analysis

Bitcoin is obviously weaker than all today, the rebound is weak, it is expected to look for support downwards, wait patiently for the opportunity.


The 4-hour chart is currently diverging, and it is expected that the sustainability will weaken, as long as the closing does not break the 5-day line first take it, this strong coin we still do not go to guess the top for good.


The reverse package is back, continue to hold mainly.


The rebound is weak, the most important or the former CTO dumped goods, the past two weeks dumped 372 million U.S. dollars, the buddy sells 100 million U.S. dollars per week, and I do not know what to do with so much money to make, according to this rate still have to sell 20 years, Ripple too difficult, short-term rebound weak reason should be reduced a reduction.


The rebound is not strong, high shock mainly.


Shrinkage of new highs, rushing back down, sustainability weakened, reduce positions.


Rebound is not strong, reduce positions.


Obviously weaker than the other mainstream, mainly above the hedge is too heavy, if the funds can not be strong breakthrough, the latter or retracement.


Yesterday’s plunge in the market took the lead in turning green, after the market is expected to continue to new highs.


Block.one will launch the exchange Bullish this year, just because of this news, EOS yesterday directly anti-bag, speculation EOS can only speculate, believe this team might as well go believe in ghosts, I do not feel for him, it is recommended to rise gradually away.


High shock mainly.


Not much chance, wait and see.


This reverse package is a bit of a surprise today, since the funds are interested in going up, there is a chance for another new high.


Big chopper, cut! This kind of project is best to stay away from it.


Oscillation followed by a pullback is dominant until Tesla accepts dogcoin payments.


The trend has not gone bad, but do not go speculation, this kind of coin in case it is buried, it is very troublesome.


The overall general trend is to oscillate higher and keep going up, Dex leader will not be bad.


Today’s rise should be related to OK, become OKchain first Dex, OK to this wild Dex as their own OKchain’s own son raised, or have some expectations.


Today the highest almost to 100,000 dollars, this value coin can be held.

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