A Career Guide for Talent in the Metaverse Age

The giants are accumulating the battle for “meta-skilled talents”

At the beginning of 2022, some Internet giants invariably kicked off the “prelude” of the Year of the Tiger with “layoffs”.

In the past month, iQiyi reported layoffs of 20% to 40%; Mogujie reported that overall layoffs were 30%, of which 60% were laid off in the technology department; followed by Alibaba, Baidu, ByteDance, Kuaishou and other Internet companies The giants fell one after another.

A Career Guide for Talent in the Metaverse Age

According to a survey on personnel mobility in the Internet industry recently released by Zhaopin, the results show that 49.9% of the respondents said that their company has laid off staff, and the proportion of respondents who experienced layoffs in 2021 will reach 25.1%. Among the respondents of Internet companies with a scale of more than 10,000 people, more than 58% said that their companies have layoff plans; 50.3% of employees of medium and large-scale Internet companies said that the proportion of layoffs in their companies in the past year was much higher than that of other industries. , enterprises of the same size. 

Against the backdrop of the “chill” in the job market, a different voice emerged. 

36氪 reports that there are many companies in the market that are actively releasing Metaverse-related talent recruitment. Taking a recruitment platform as an example, using “Metaverse” as the keyword to search, there are more than 150 related positions, and the benefits are quite generous. , in stark contrast to the general environment of the entire job market, for Yunyun’s “workers”, will the Metaverse become the next employment “window”?

Under the “favor” of the Metaverse, three types of enterprises have begun to join the “talent war”

Although many companies have released detailed recruitment rules related to the “Metaverse” , after a comparative analysis of these companies, “Intelligent Relativity” found that they can be roughly divided into three major factions.

The first category is represented by companies such as Wanxing Technology, whose recruitment of talents tends to be “content-oriented”.

Metaverse content creation can be collectively referred to as the creator economy, using UGC creation tools for open creation. The book “Metaverse” also mentioned: “In the Metaverse era, creators are also consumers. They use artificial intelligence to create infinite digital assets, and then confirm rights through blockchain technology to form huge digital assets. Marketplace.” In a Metaverse era of massive content-filling, the creator economy will be critical. 

With the theme of “Embrace the Metaverse and Create a Prosperous Future”, Wanxing Technology has recently recruited outstanding business partners from all over the world, and recruited talents with entrepreneurial experience in video creative software, AR/VR tracks, etc., to carry out the Metaverse creator economy. Empower. This position provides excellent salary and internal entrepreneurial opportunities. Excellent candidates can directly act as the head of the studio to be responsible for team formation and overall operation of the studio, and to incubate and implement innovative products.

A Career Guide for Talent in the Metaverse Age

The second category is represented by companies such as NetEase, Tencent, and CCB Jinke, which are typical “technical schools”. Among them, most of the positions recruited by Tencent are game art designers, including the design direction of 3D scenes, character original paintings, scene original paintings, 3D characters, etc., responsible for cooperating with other art positions, optimizing and improving the final performance of the game.

CCB Jinke, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Construction Bank Corporation engaged in the financial technology industry, is recruiting Metaverse financial engineers, who are required to be responsible for the exploration of the bank’s Metaverse financial scenarios and key technologies, and to apply for innovative projects. 

It can be seen from the recruitment rules of the “technical school” that they pay more attention to the strength of talents in blockchain, games, XR, finance and other technologies closely related to the Metaverse. In the words of NetEase CEO Ding Lei at the third quarter earnings conference call In other words, it is to prepare in advance on the related technologies and rules of the Metaverse, so that the day when the Metaverse really comes, it will be able to quickly run away.

The third category is the “product faction” represented by companies such as Meta and Google. 

Take Meta, for example, which has begun to use the Oculus Quest headset to try to build a series of Metaverse platforms, such as Horizon Workrooms, which allows VR and non-VR users to meet in a virtual office and collaborate remotely, and Horizon Worlds, which is in beta testing. . 

 Its recruitment focuses on Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Ireland. The purpose is to recruit high-skilled engineers in EU countries . The talents recruited by such companies are more for their Metaverse related products and services, so Recruiting is not limited to a certain technology.

A Career Guide for Talent in the Metaverse Age

(Intelligent Relativistic Cartography)

In any industry, talent is an important element of the more the better, but why is the demand for Metaverse talents still in short supply even in the context of a cold job market?

The tide of unemployment is coming, but the Metaverse is stimulating employment in the opposite direction

The tide of unemployment is rolling in, but the Metaverse still triggers many companies to run and enter the market, and it can also create many jobs. Even companies can be divided into three major factions. According to “Intelligent Relativity”, there are three reasons. 

First of all, although the Metaverse has not achieved a real landing, as science fiction writer Chen Qiufan said, it may be more because there is no company or technology that can cover all the things that the “Metaverse” needs to achieve. This also means that the Metaverse will involve a lot of technology and infrastructure in the future. In order to seize the opportunity, laying the “foundation” for the landing of the Metaverse in advance will increase the demand for relevant talents by enterprises.

Furthermore, as the next-generation Internet revolutionary interaction form, the Metaverse also has certain requirements for the depth of technology.

Taking the most classic “Metaverse” movie “Ready Player One” as an example, in the “Oasis” created by Halliday, people can play games, learn and dance immersively. It can be said that in addition to eating, sleeping and going to the toilet , all things can be done in “Oasis”. In the original words of the movie – “Only you can’t think of it, no oasis can’t do it”.   

A Career Guide for Talent in the Metaverse Age

However, not to mention surpassing, it will take us several years to reproduce the “oasis” in “Ready Player One”. On the one hand, the current infrastructure such as the network cannot support such a huge user volume, let alone complete it smoothly. Other activities; on the other hand, the experience immersion brought by existing technologies such as VR and AR is still far from being “immersive”. This has also led to the need for enterprises not only to have more Metaverse talents, but also to need “high-precision” talents.

In addition to the increased market demand for Metaverse talents from the breadth and depth, with the increasing influence of the Metaverse technology concept on a global scale, it will inevitably attract more technology giants to enter the market. Taking the current domestic A-share market as an example, more than 80 Metaverse concept stocks have been born. 

Therefore, it is foreseeable that in the future, as more and more companies start to deploy the Metaverse, the related talent gap will continue to expand.

What is the employment guide for talents in the Metaverse Era?

According to “Securities Daily”, the current demand for talents in the Metaverse is mainly divided into the following five categories, the first is the underlying infrastructure; the second is equipment; the third is content; the fourth is AI; the fifth is other to be determined , such as virtual image creation, financial system, unified identity technology, etc. 

The recruitment priorities of the major factions are all the same, and these categories cannot be avoided. The high degree of overlap also means that the “talent grabbing war” of the Metaverse will intensify in the future. According to Bloomberg, Meta has hired about 100 employees from Apple in recent months. Engineers in related fields. In order to prevent top talents from flowing to competitors, it is reported that Apple has set up special bonuses and issued high special shares to some engineers as rewards, with a value ranging from 50,000 to 180,000 US dollars. The relevant shares are vested in four years. , to prevent engineers from jumping to competitors such as Meta. 

Under such a trend, how should talents in the Metaverse with skills seize the new opportunities for employment?

First of all, considering the low “survivability” of new projects that some candidates are worried about, we should try our best to choose companies whose products have passed the market test, such as Meta, Apple, and Wondershare.

Meta’s Oculus has become a ceiling-level presence in the VR industry in terms of product strength, financial resources, material resources, ecology, etc. Similarly, Wanxing Technology’s well-known products include Wanxing Movie, Wanxing Video and other video creatives Software, as well as drawing creative software such as Edraw icons and ink knives, these products not only provide creators with a rich and continuous stream of materials and inspiration, but also successfully lower the relevant creation threshold, optimize the user experience, and play in the global market. gained popularity. Only by choosing such an enterprise can the Metaverse talents at the crossroads of choice be given a “sense of employment security”.

Secondly, the recruitment and treatment of Metaverse talents are very favorable, but it is also necessary to be vigilant. 

To give a simple example, in the recruitment of Metaverse talents, some companies offer both relatively favorable salaries and clear job profiles. For example, the monthly salary for recruitment positions ranges from 12,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. Tencent, the Perfect World Technology Art (TA) position with a monthly salary of up to 65,000 yuan, and the overall annual salary estimate of up to one million, and Wanxing Technology, which has the opportunity to enjoy equity incentives.

But at the same time, there is no shortage of companies that use high salaries as “rafts”, but are actually hot. 

A few days ago, “Dafu Technology Recruits Metaverse Partners with a Million Monthly Salary” rushed to the hot search and attracted widespread attention. Although Dafu Technology quickly changed the monthly salary of one million to the annual salary, and set the range of 500-100 million yuan / year, and from the recruitment rules, “have 3-4 years of work experience”, “graduate with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate degree” “To be able to formulate and complete the Metaverse technology circuit based on the company’s product characteristics and technical advantages”, “Can lead the Metaverse technical team to carry out in-depth technology development and the optimization of Metaverse-related underlying technologies, core applications, and 3D engines”, etc., it seems that the company It’s “seriously” recruiting talent.

A Career Guide for Talent in the Metaverse Age

However, the company has accumulated a net loss of 1.424 billion yuan over the past five years. The dismal performance, coupled with the fact that it has been involved in popular concepts such as graphene, OLED, electronic cigarettes and industrial mother machines, has long had a “criminal record”. Therefore, in the view of “Intelligent Relativity”, Dafu Technology’s series of actions regarding the recruitment of talents in the Metaverse cannot get rid of the suspicion of “heating” for the time being. Therefore, Metaverse talents with relevant skills should not only look at salary when choosing an offer, but also pay attention to the products and fundamentals of the company.

Finally, as a job seeker, in addition to pursuing “safety” and “stability”, at the same time, we should also focus on “growth space”. Taking the “high-paying entrepreneurship” launched by Wanxing Technology as an example, relying on the company’s mature matrix and platform organization model of “big platform, medium product, small team”, business partners will obtain the company’s all-round resource allocation to promote excellent products. The hatching landed. 

For example, in October 2021, it released an online collaborative design product Pixso, which is a microcosm of Wanxing Technology’s internal incubation. Only in this way can the creativity of more job seekers go from dream to reality. 

All in all, due to the limitations of technology and other fields, the Metaverse is still in the initial stage of development as a whole. Although the demand for talents is large, it has not really developed to the point of “robbing people” for the time being. 

However, there are many phoenixes in the phoenix tree, and in the future, with the gradual release of the demand for “Metaverse talents”, more companies like Wanxing Technology, Meta, Apple and Microsoft are needed in the market to be able to work for “Metaverse workers” who have relevant skills. “Provide more and more suitable platforms and opportunities.

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