A brief history of Musk’s face slap

A brief history of Musk's face slap

Musk is a well-known big mouth in the science and technology circle, he is stunned, but he has been slapped with a lot of shots, and it is also piapia to make his face.

On July 12, the shareholder v. Musk SolarCity acquisition case opened. Musk, wearing a black suit and dark tie, walked into the Delaware court in the United States to face this multi-hour trial—the only defendant was If you lose alone, you will have to pay 2.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Musk said confidently: I don’t want to be the boss, but I am also very helpless. Tesla is going to be finished without me. He also attacked the plaintiff’s lawyer: you are a bad guy.

Why is this a face slap that travels through time and space? In May of this year, Musk hosted the first show of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) . In that show, Musk dressed up as Mario, starred in skits and talked about talk shows, and did his best.

However, this episode not only caused a sharp drop in Dogecoin because of Musk’s mouth, but it was also ridiculed by many netizens. More than one netizen said: Musk’s episode is the worst in the history of “Saturday Night Live”, and there is no one.

No wonder the foreign media immediately sent a mockery after the trial: Musk praised his humor, I am afraid that many viewers who have watched his episode of “Saturday Night Live” will not agree.

Musk thinks his humor is free publicity for Tesla. However, judging from Musk’s face slaps in recent years, this kind of humor is free and publicity is in place, but it is not necessarily positive if it is not.

Musk’s self-slapped face phenomenon in recent years, the high frequency, fast speed, and loud voice make people wonder: Is this buddy intentional?


Let’s look at the self-slap-slap-snap-off and being held back, it looks like this:

“Let’s do it!”

“No, we can’t.”

“Well, no way.”

In May 2018, as CEO, Musk stated on the Tesla conference call that Tesla will not need further financing.

In the past five days alone, Tesla submitted a 10-Q report and warned that refinancing is inevitable.

In August of the same year, Musk ran away again, this time looking more deliberate. On August 7, Musk tweeted that he would consider privatizing Tesla at a price of $420 per share. And said that “funds are in place.”

As soon as the news came out, Tesla’s stock price soared by more than 10% that day.

Subsequently, more and more facts show that Tesla’s privatization plan is not feasible, and the funds are not in place as Musk said.

On August 25, amidst doubts, Musk announced the cancellation of Tesla’s privatization plan. It took less than a month from the Twitter release of Tesla’s privatization information to the abolition of privatization.

This farce disturbed the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) personally to sue Musk, accusing him of securities fraud and misleading investors.

In the end, Musk paid a civil fine of $20 million, and Tesla also paid a $20 million fine to the SEC for settlement.

Does Musk have a long memory? No. The American “Forbes” magazine pointed out at the time that this was not painful to Musk. At that time, the Twitter madman was worth 37.6 billion U.S. dollars.

The $20 million fine is 0.000005% of his worth. Imagine that you have a deposit of 100,000 yuan in the bank and fine you 50 cents. Can you keep a long memory?

This year’s past happened again. Musk ran away again. In January, it was Tesla’s earnings conference call. It was Musk who didn’t shut the door when he was excited. He said: “I’m very confident that the company’s cars will be able to Autonomous driving and more reliable than human drivers.”

Everyone is familiar with the next episode of Rush Run. This time, Musk’s face is also his own family, saying that what Musk said does not match the display, and autopilot will not be realized this year. In May, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced a memo for a conference call with Tesla representatives on March 9. · The engineering reality described by CJ Moore does not match, and Tesla Autopilot is currently at L2 level.”

But since 2021, Musk has long been a black belt player in the face. He replied to netizens on Twitter in July: Autonomous driving in a broad sense is a problem because it needs to solve a lot of real-world artificial intelligence problems. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult before, but the difficulty is obvious in retrospect.

A brief history of Musk's face slap

Musk’s confession said that it sounds good is mature, and that it is awkward is that he has already slapped and slapped. I was wrong. I admit that I will dare next time.

And it should be noted that Musk said that “autonomous driving in a broad sense is difficult”. Thinking about it this way, is Tesla’s “self-driving assistance system” a narrow sense of automatic driving…


Look at the face-slap-smashing move Sima Guang smashes the cylinder and Musk fills the hole. It looks like this:

“I want XXX!”

Musk Ericsson’s flag is well-known, most of the flags are very appealing and full of enthusiasm: five years of emigration to Mars, solving traffic jams, using batteries to power the world…

These dream-level flags are the beginning of Musk’s attraction. When Musk makes a dream voice, fans can’t stand it: Oh! This damn charm!

Besides, he didn’t put his dreams in a basket. Which of these flags succeeded and not lasted forever in human history?

There are more people talking about dreams. The reason why Musk has the appeal of public opinion today is mainly because of these seemingly futuristic dreams. Musk started from the moment.

In Musk’s world, face-slaps are late, but they will never be absent. How big the dream is, the road will be harder. The curtain on the face-slapped car rollover scene opened.

To say that the most socially deadly, embarrassing, and most uncomfortable person in the history of Musk’s face slap is definitely the case of a steel ball smashing a glass car overturned in November last year.

In November 2019, Tesla officially released its first electric pickup, Cybertruck. At the press conference, Musk proudly displayed this pickup. As its name (Cyber ​​Truck) , the appearance of this car is super sharp and hard core.

The atmosphere was fiery, with dim lights, mysterious soundtracks, and gothic exhibitors. Those who didn’t know were able to make this a stage for American talents.

A brief history of Musk's face slap

Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, first used a sledgehammer to smash the door of a “commercial” car, which showed obvious dents, and then smashed his own house, nothing happened.

Franz also used the “pull out and yo” comparison method to test the car window glass. The steel ball fell freely, the other glass cracked, and the glass used by Cybertruck was fine.

Then the happiness of netizens came. Franz certainly didn’t understand the principle of accepting it. He followed a steel ball and threw it on the window of the Cybertruck shown at the press conference. The window: I am cracked.

The window of the car instantly dazzled ripples from the focus of the steel ball. At this time, the scene was a bit like Guo Degang’s performance, and the audience exclaimed.

A brief history of Musk's face slap

At this time, Musk was also on stage. Franz asked the boss: Should I try again? Musk pointed to the rear window without hesitation, and the death of this society went further and further. Franz picked up the steel ball and slammed it into the rear window. The rear window: I also cracked.

Of course Musk was embarrassed too, but the black belt’s reaction to the face hit was quick, and he immediately said: ” at least it didn’t go through (at least it didn’t go through) .”

A brief history of Musk's face slap

The press conference was only halfway through, and for the next ten minutes or so, Musk stood in front of the pickup truck and its broken window to speak. Including inviting the audience to test rides and publishing product prices.

A brief history of Musk's face slap

This social death was highly insulting in Musk’s face-slapping career, and the price was not great. Just in July, Musk said very frankly that Cybertruck may fail with such a unique thing, but “I don’t care.”

It’s a good move to preemptively, slap yourself in the face ahead of time, so that others have no face to slap.

Another pit that is far less discussed than Mars immigrants and electric vehicles is Musk’s Hyperloop (underground tunnel) plan.

In June 2017, Musk said that his “boring company” (the boring company) has received verbal support from relevant government departments to build a super high-speed rail (underground tunnel) between New York and Washington, DC .

As soon as the voice fell, the media rolled up their sleeves and put their hands on Musk’s face.

The US media ” USA TODAY ” website (USA TODAY) published an article saying that with current technology and cost, it would take 100 years to dig the tunnel from New York in the east of the United States to Washington in the west. Even bluntly: Building rockets is easier than that.

Killing, you say that the tunnel is difficult to dig, you say that the tunnel is difficult to dig, pulling the rocket to compare it is too detrimental.

100 years to 100 years, can this scare Musk? The project has been underway in the past two years, and some progress has been made. In June of this year, the underground traffic tunnel constructed in Las Vegas, the LVCC Loop of the Las Vegas Convention Center, has officially started operation.

It is reported that the Boring Company invited about 300 experiencers, but the experiencers rolled up their sleeves after finishing the experience, saying that the experience was a bit far from the expectations.

Earlier, Musk’s ambition was to drive fully autonomous at a speed of 200km/h. However, the experiencers said that the speed was only around 60km/h during the experience, and the experience was a bit tasteless.

A brief history of Musk's face slap

The netizen’s mouth is not merciful: I wondered what to do with such a great effort. Can the monorail train do the same thing? Is it that your Musk plan is more meaningful than the monorail train?


So far, Musk’s face slaps don’t seem to be hateful. Although capricious, he is capricious and arrogant.

Is he so self-willed, no one cares about him? Yes, but the effect is like that. After all, Musk heads iron.

During the privatization of Tesla, the SEC, in addition to requiring Musk to pay a fine, also made it clear that Tesla should replace the chairman, not only requiring Musk to step down within 45 days, but also restricting him from being the chairman of Tesla within three years. . In addition, Musk’s Twitter must be reviewed by Tesla’s lawyers.

Musk did bid farewell to Tesla’s chairmanship for three years and was re-elected at the 2020 shareholders meeting.

As for Twitter, Musk has never stopped.

According to the Wall Street Journal in June, the SEC had already sent a letter to Tesla last year, stating that Musk had violated the settlement agreement twice.

One is that in a tweet in 2019, Musk disclosed the company’s solar roof output value without permission; the second is that in 2020, he complained that Tesla’s stock price was too high. This tweet subsequently caused the company’s stock price to fall, and the market value lost more than 13 billion U.S. dollars. .

A brief history of Musk's face slap

Musk’s willfulness also slowly showed a taste of domineering and even hateful.

In March last year, the epidemic in the United States deteriorated greatly. On the 16th, the California government announced the closure of homes, and all factories in industries that are not necessary for people’s livelihood will be suspended.

Workaholic Musk couldn’t stand this. He instructed Tesla to continue working in Fremont, Silicon Valley . It was not until it was exposed by the media and publicly warned by the county government that he was forced to suspend work, a week later than other companies.

In the same month, an internal email he sent to employees also said: “According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia will not exceed 0.1% of the U.S. population. In the future, when we look back on 2020, I think it will cause death or serious injury. The factors will not change much from 2017.”

California will resume work in early May 2020, but companies have to undergo safety assessments and can only start operations if they are qualified. The face is that the Tesla factory failed. Musk couldn’t sit still anymore and forced to resume work.

According to the report on the epidemic situation of the Tesla factory announced by the Alameda County government, from the resumption of work in May to December last year, a total of 450 workers at Tesla’s Silicon Valley factory were infected with the new crown.

Musk’s prediction of the nationwide epidemic is also ridiculously optimistic, not to mention the proportion of confirmed cases. According to data from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, the number of deaths due to the new crown epidemic in the United States has reached 600,000 in June. Based on a rough estimate of the U.S. population of 330 million, this number accounts for 0.18% of the U.S. population.

An ironic face-slap incident is that in an interview in September 2020, Musk had indicated that neither he nor his family were likely to be infected with the new coronary pneumonia and would not be vaccinated. On November 15, Musk tweeted that he might be infected, but the test results were negative twice and positive twice. His spray test was suspicious and questioned the reliability of the new crown test in the United States.

On November 18, it was reported by Swedish TV that it was confirmed that Musk was infected with the new crown virus.

This year, Musk’s face-slapped incident is also heavy.

In the case of car owners’ rights protection incidents in the Chinese market, Tesla China initially stated that it “will not compromise”. After the central media’s voice and the intervention of the Zhengzhou Municipal Supervision Bureau and the State Municipal Supervision Bureau, Tesla’s attitude has undergone a 180-degree change. Wei apologized and said that a special case group was set up to fully meet the demands of the car owners.

On the other hand, Musk, the “Father of Dogecoin” who has been on the Dogecoin platform over and over again and directly caused the soaring of Dogecoin, directly slapped himself and his “believers.”

Remember the beginning of Musk’s participation in “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) ? It was in that show that Musk was confronted by the host and admitted that Dogecoin was a scam.

Really, the dialogue is like this, there is no falsehood.

“So, is this a hustle ?”

“Um… well, it’s a scam.”

Although in a comedy variety show, this conversation with a smile is obviously joking (at least Musk thinks so) , but this sentence immediately caused Dogecoin to fall by 40%, and it was down. After the show, Musk sent three more tweets to “show loyalty” to Dogecoin, allowing Dogecoin to increase by more than 20% in 24 hours.

Jumping horizontally from side to side, repeatedly acting as a demon, is Musk’s behavior considered to be a mess?

This show operation also damaged Musk’s image. When this idol with dreams stood in front of people, showing his enthusiasm, execution ability and slightly quirky style of acting, people were fascinated by his light.

But when he implements his “not afraid of slapped face” behavior pattern and makes the stock market and virtual currency market ups and downs, ordinary people who invest real money in the market may not be able to bear it.

What’s more cruel is that, just like the SEC fined him and Tesla a total of $40 million, it didn’t hurt him. Musk still laughed and cursed, slapped his face constantly.

If this is the humor Musk said in the court, it is better to be less humorous.

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