A brief history of mfer: We all have a little bastard inside of us

(Zero) little bastards

Let’s start with a circle.

Look at this circle, is it white, big and round?


Now, let’s draw a few random strokes:


How about it, doesn’t it look like a face that is mindless and empty, harmless to humans and animals?

Then add some details.


A self-portrait is done!

What, you ask whose self-portrait?

Isn’t it you!

Can you guarantee that you’ve never sat in front of a computer in such a silly pose? I even doubt that you are in this pose right now.

And maybe a cigarette.


Smoking cigarettes, surfing the Internet, doing happy things, not wanting to study or work, this is how we spend a lot of our time. Maybe you’ve been in this position longer in your life than you’ve been sleeping in bed!

Here comes the question:

Have you ever carefully observed yourself like this? I mean, like admiring the Mona Lisa.

If you draw everyone sitting quietly at the table and put them together, it seems,,, it’s quite cute!


Just in November 2021, someone really made this “everything of the era” into an NFT avatar and named it “little bastard” (mfer), but it was sold out by everyone. . .

If the story ends here, it is totally not worth writing an article by Brother Zhong.

The amazing thing is:

When more and more people (and quite a few internet celebrities) change their avatars to “little bastards”, discuss little bastards, and even start to draw these stick figures by themselves, little bastards are more than just bastards.

It became Big Bastard “a language”.

Someone put it on an electric car to deliver food.


Someone made it into a foot pinch master. . .


Even the service process is complete. . . (I am so familiar with the business, I strongly suspect that it is a picture made by a foot pinching master himself…)




Foreign netizens are also very powerful, and they have changed Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” into a “little bastard” version.


There are ruthless people who put the “little bastard” on a train. . .


In the world of “little bastards”, “nationality” doesn’t seem to matter.

After all, it is a “stickman”. People from all countries feel like themselves, and people from all countries feel that they can also draw, so the stalk kings of various countries compete for pictures. . .

In my impression, the sight of Chinese and foreign netizens playing together like a family seems to have not been seen for many years. . .

Has the world changed for the better again? !

Well, that’s a question worth thinking about.


(1) Did you win?

The most socially dead thing in the world is when your dad pushes the door and you are performing an indescribable operation.

For example, like the following:


I struggled for a long time whether to code or not. Decided to forget. . .

Pay attention to the details, the little brother in the picture is probably wearing Oculus VR glasses. You ask how do I know? Because this image was posted on a gaming forum under an Oculus Rift thread on January 11, 2014. . .

But that’s not the point.

The point is: this is a painting of Apocalypse Now.

The old bean seemed to want to care for his son who loves to play games. But in his mind, the game is nothing more than “lose” and “win”.

That’s why he pushed the door open without hesitation and asked, “Did you win, son?

But some “games” do not win or lose. . . for example. . . Tori this. . .

At this time, you look at this nonsensical painting again, the rough and unbeautiful lines are actually a flag, which is planted on the ridge of the historical divide – from a certain moment, some people put their own meaning, life and death, All love has migrated to the virtual world.

And the cheerful old father obviously couldn’t understand all this.

They live under the same roof, they are two worlds, and may *always* be two worlds.

If you see through this magical background, you will probably feel sad.


We also had a similar experience.

I mean we don’t necessarily do indescribable things in VR, but we probably all play computers and games.

Many parents regard playing with computers as a demon, thinking that it is the black hole of life, the door to doom; but we know that the virtual world is not as evil as they imagined, we just pinch a small part of ourselves and put it there, let it go and let it go. Lazy, poor and happy, and occasionally run away like a little bastard.



Since 2014, the meme picture has been adapted by countless people, and this child has also experienced a lot of “human misery”.

What’s really interesting is that history doesn’t stop there.

Parents who hate the “virtual world” are getting old, and now we hold the power to interpret the world. Just like Zhang Chu’s song: “He is already old sitting on the stairs, and he is no longer an opponent.”

On May 17, 2020, someone on Twitter flipped the picture of the old meme again and redrawn the child.

Laodou: Did you win?

Son: Dad, I won!

Then the whole family eats noodles happily. . .


That’s it? ?

That’s it, it got 5,831 retweets and 56,000 likes.

Because this picture is also a banner, a banner of victory.

With this Happy Ending, we can probably look back at the “character arc” in the entire “series”:

Once, addicted to the virtual world was considered a teenager who was addicted to the Internet and needed electric shock therapy;

Now, everyone has an identity in the virtual world, and we use it to chat, play games, and explore the world we love—sitting in front of the computer has become a normal state of life, blameless and happy.


I suddenly remembered two reports I had read:

In 1987, the Chicago Tribune interviewed a game room owner, George, who complained: “A lot of people are very narrow-minded and they think the game room is where the punks go.”

In 2020, MEL Magazine interviewed several retired uncles. They are in their 60s and 70s, some are veterans, some are old coders, but they all love to play games and play them seriously. Some people chop wood to feed horses in “Minecraft”, some people play it in “Fortnite”.

I guess, after many years, the little punks have grown up and the big punks have grown old.

Countless people have waited too long for the arrival of this era.


In the era of cyberpunk, there should be a cyberpunk operation:

In 2021, a movement suddenly emerged called the “web2 vs web3” challenge, which roughly means that your “real appearance” and your “avatar” are put together for comparison.

Most of the participants are young people of Generation Z.



What, these avatars are cool, aren’t they? Moreover, the real person and the avatar are somewhat similar, belong to the “same set of characters”, don’t they?

But I guess you have found it too – these people with cool avatars are also handsome and beautiful women in the real world. And look at ourselves in the mirror, we seem. . . It’s not like this. . . .

Then we ordinary people, who sit in front of the computer all day, either work or have nothing to do, don’t we deserve to have an avatar that matches our personality? !

In 2021, a buddy was shocked and suddenly thought: Give *ordinary people* the avatar of NB on the whole, is there anything wrong?

Thinking of this, he was sitting in front of the computer, leaning lazily against the back of the chair, with a cigarette in his mouth.

This guy is called “Nakamoto stupid” (Sartoshi).

(2) Nakamoto is stupid 

The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, wrote Satoshi in English, and this guy added an “r” in the middle to become Sartoshi. He explained that because it was about art, it should have “art” (art) in the middle of the name.

But no matter how I read it, it’s like – “silly toshi”.

So I decided to translate his name to “Nakamoto stupid”. (And I figured he wouldn’t mind if I called him that.)


Sartoshi’s Twitter page.

Silly Nakamoto is as mysterious as Satoshi Nakamoto, but I know he has at least two identities: 1) a cartoonist, 2) a blockchain enthusiast.

He once told his story in an autobiography:

In March 2021, he stumbled into digital art, and then he got on it.

At that time, he took a fancy to the most popular NFT avatar at that time-CryptoPunks. It’s a pixel villain like this:


For those who don’t know about NFT and CryptoPunks, you can go to “The History of NFT Spirit: 15 Minutes of Heroic Dreams of Tin Cans, Frogs and Ordinary People” , which has a super detailed introduction.

In April of that year, Nakamoto bought his first CryptoPunks avatar, a guy with a mohawk and smoking a cigar.

Then out of control, he started all kinds of business and enjoyment. That summer just caught up with the NFT market fire, and he made a fortune. NFTs generally take the form of auctions. Sometimes they are crazy, and he even kills each other with his good friends-bidding for the same NFT. . .

But soon, Nakamoto found some small problems:

Compared with the crazy people on the Internet, he is already quite calm.

Due to the NFT craze, all the gods, cows, ghosts, snakes and gods have gone out, and when one comes out, they claim to be the best digital art since shit.

That’s not all, there are people holding stinky feet for all the crap, and a group of people rushed over and said, “That’s right, this is the best artwork I’ve ever seen in my life! Stop talking! I bought it!”

Nakamoto was stunned.

This kind of feeling is like, a buddy opened his mouth and said, “Oh my God, this artwork is so suffocating.” Nakamoto reminded him stupidly: “Brother, we are in the supermarket, and you are boasting about a box of cereals. . . “

How can there be so many suffocating works of art in this world, suffocating every day, why don’t you suffocate to death?


Nakamoto couldn’t bear it, and wanted to satirize these “suffocating madmen” who were chasing horses.

He thought about it, I can also draw cartoons, I will create a set of NFTs with simple strokes, as simple as the one drawn by a 6-year-old child, let those who are holding stinky feet mess up in the wind. . .

Just do it!

What are you painting?

Nakamoto foolishly drank a cigarette and leaned on the back of his chair, his eyes as wise as Erha, thinking. . .

Speaking of which, our story is connected to the previous one. The idea that came to his mind was to draw this “silly look” of himself sitting at the desk and playing with the computer!

As soon as he rolled his eyes, his favorite meme immediately appeared in his mind, “Are u winning son?”

So, just make a little change, let the “son” in front of the table hold a cigarette in his mouth, isn’t that what he (and many ordinary people) look like. . .


Here is one more detail: Nakamoto is a kind of informal person. One of the words he often says on the Internet is “motherf*cker” .

I feel good after speaking.

Of course, in English culture, this is not as vicious as its literal meaning. It probably means “little bastard”. In life, you can even say to your friends: “Good morning, little bastard!”

motherf*cker has an acronym – mfer.

Decided! The name of this set of NFT digital avatars is mfer. (The pronunciation of this word is: adoration)

Honestly, the decision to use “dirty” names is a somewhat risky decision.

But Nakamoto thought for a while, and it didn’t matter.

Ordinary people on the surface may be adventurers in life!

Some of them are professors, some are doctors, some are code farmers, salespeople, and migrant workers. When they sit in front of the computer, they will open up their own bizarre worlds, some worlds are dark and deep, and some worlds are shining on the dance floor. Some worlds are plush toys and bizarre forests; some worlds are vast oceans with lighthouses revolving stubbornly.

“What if we all have such a little bastard in our hearts?”


(3) Asshole logic 

Don’t be in a hurry, before you move like a mad dog, you have to be still if you are paralyzed, and think about it carefully first.

Assholes have their own asshole logic.

For example, the first “jerk logic” is: we are just ordinary, not rotten!

As a cartoonist, Nakamoto still has pursuits – mfer should look “like” drawn by a 6-year-old child, but cannot really “be” drawn by a 6-year-old child.

Therefore, he carefully selected several lines of different shades, fiddled with them carefully, and drew a lot of drafts before finalizing them.

You see, these are drafts:


Look at the details of the final draft. . .


On the basis of the villain, he drew exquisite watches, hats, clothes and so on.

Then use the computer to automatically assign these accessories to 10,000 avatars according to the preset rarity.

In this way, 10,000 mfers that look similar but different are made.


Delicately concealing the traces of the design, in fact, hides two careful tricks:

First, a lot of people draw stick figures, but people don’t know why they like this version of mfer.

Second, when everyone saw mfer, they all felt that “what’s the point of this TM, I can also draw it”, so they were eager to end up and draw two strokes by themselves.

You may suddenly think of a question: Everyone can paint if they want to? Wasn’t he accused of infringement by Nakamoto?

This comes to the core. Nakamoto has been holding back his “big move” from the beginning, and he especially wants everyone to “infringe” on him. . . .

What kind of jittering operation is this?

Nakamoto’s silly starting point is actually very simple:

First, as long as people who agree with the mfer concept are called mfers.

Second, you are mfers, I am mfers, we are all mfers.

Third, in the world of mfers, everyone is the same. There is no king, no administrator, no five-year plan, no one-hundred-year dream.

So, in the world of mfers, what an mfers wants to do, *should* not look at other mfers’ faces, and certainly not my Sartoshi’s face.

Without any evidence, the words are evidence. Nakamoto foolishly left two free and easy lines on mfer’s website:


It translates to:

mfers are generated with Sartoshi’s hand-painted work, this project is completely public, you can use mfer in any pose without any effort.

This is the second “jerk logic”: all buddies! Use whatever you want! You’re welcome!

This doesn’t look “modern society” at all. . . It feels like the last time people could copy other people’s paintings without any pressure, was it still on the rock wall of Chauvet’s cave? ?


The Chauvet Cave, with murals dating back about 36,000 years ago, is the earliest known art to mankind. (Apparently there was no copyright protection at the time)

Shouldn’t plagiarists be scorned and sued for bankruptcy?


Actually, not quite. All around us, there is a group of rebellious artists who have had enough of the rules of modern society, and their idea is that really great work should be free, just like air, everyone can breathe freely.

So they came up with an open copyright notice called “CC0”.


The full name of CC is Creative Commons (creative ordinary people), which is an organization set up by a group of American professors. The goal is to let those who are willing to share their creations for free find their own kind.

They invited the most professional lawyers to draft a series of copyright notices.

The so-called CC0 is the loosest one among the many statements. Simply put, it means that all copyrights are abandoned, and only trademark rights and patent rights are retained.


“CC0”, the part of “Right Waiver”.

So many legal provisions, is it a little dizzy?

In fact, I explain this just to tell you that behind the “CC0”, there is a very professional legal endorsement and a deep spiritual origin, not the whim of some wandering soldiers. (The link to the full CC0 agreement is attached at the end of the manuscript.)

Nakamoto also knows that people don’t like to read these terms, so he didn’t mention CC0 at all, just one sentence: follow! easy! use!

Later facts just proved that if thousands of people “plagiarized” and reprocessed mfer’s meme map for free, it could become the “moat” of the original work.

As Lao Tzu said: The husband does not fight, so the world cannot fight with him.

Back to our story.

Nakamoto is very popular on the Internet. He contacted his good friend Richerd and asked him to help deploy the 10,000 avatars into the NFT smart contract and issue them.

In the NFT world, Richerd is a big cow who makes people want to kneel when they hear it. His team, WestcoastNFT (West Coast NFT), has helped many artists release NFT products.

One more gossip, Richerd’s well-known avatar is a Cryptopunk wearing 3D glasses. This avatar is his golden name. Someone offered $10 million two days ago, but he didn’t sell it. . .


Richerd himself and his 10 million avatars

On November 30, 2021, the mfer subscription website was launched, which is not cheap, 0.069ETH (equivalent to RMB 1,000).

Without any publicity, 10,000 avatars were snapped up within 10 minutes.


This is Sartoshi’s tweet announcing the sale.

The follow-up story was somewhat fooled by Nakamoto.

This unremarkable matchstick villain comes with an Internet celebrity Buff, and everyone likes it for some reason. Soon, many celebrity internet celebrities changed their social avatars to mfer.

Note that celebrities don’t have these avatars from Nakamoto, they bought them themselves. Because of the insider, the privilege, this is not in line with the spirit of mfer at all! Do you remember: in the world of mfers, there is no need for kings, no administrators, no five-year plans, no one-hundred-year dreams. You are mfers, I am mfers, we are all mfers.

A few days later, things got even worse. Nakamoto’s silly Twitter was strongly surrounded by netizens who heard the news.

Everyone said that your painting is too good! Are there cameras installed in my home? I usually hang like this in front of the computer!

In the private letter, one of the most frequently asked questions is: “How do you plan for the future development of mfer?”

Nakamoto’s silly reply is precisely the third bastard’s logic: “What plan? No plan!”

Seeing the stars in everyone’s eyes, and wanting to put himself on the altar in minutes, Nakamoto decided to write an article to express his sincerity. So, with this “What are mfers” (“What are mfers”, the link is attached).


In the article, he repeatedly posted a lot of suggestions from water friends, and also gave his own answer:

“Sartoshi, you have to start an official discussion group!” – No, we don’t need to, mfers will create a discussion group themselves.

“Sartoshi, then I’ll pull you into our group!” – No, I don’t need it. The mfers themselves had a good time (but I’m glad many mfers told me their ideas).

“Sartoshi, you need a roadmap” – no, mfers will go their own way.

Anyway, it is: “don’t care, don’t care, don’t ask”. . . .

This kind of operation is actually a bit like the Dogecoin of the year, which is the “Dogecoin” that Musk blew up. The birth of Dogecoin is to satirize Bitcoin and those “digital currency fundamentalists” who pursue Bitcoin. A broken air coin is still a treasure, so if I become a Dogecoin, are you also a treasure? ?

Does Dogecoin have a roadmap, you ask?

A dog, what road map do you want?


Anyway, that’s the story.

A nonsensical little person started the road of counterattack and explosion on the Internet.

(4) The life opinions of bastards 

Someone changed Michelangelo’s “Genesis” to mfer’s round head.


This seems like a perfect metaphor, and the world of mfers is getting out of hand.

Raphael’s famous painting “The School of Athens” (The School of Athens) was changed to mfers version.


The Declaration of Independence was also changed to mfers.


Since famous paintings can be changed, so can movies.

“This mfer is not too cold” and “vulgar mfer” have all come out.


To tell the truth, the cost of this kind of creation should not be too low, and it does not even take five minutes to change a few heads. . .

It doesn’t take long to create a “mfer universe” where a bunch of demons dance.


The story ends here, it may not have anything to do with Chinese netizens

However, on the third day after mfer was snapped up, things took an interesting turn.

On December 2, 2021, a Chinese big V named laserCat397.eth (Laser Cat) posted a post on Twitter: mfer is an attitude to life, I want to launch a challenge, everyone can use mine 10 avatars (or yours) to cosplay, the top 5 will have prizes.

In order to tell everyone that mfer is not cutting leeks, he also explained the background in Chinese.

In the future, if someone writes a history for mfer, this should be recorded as the first appearance of mfer in the Chinese community.


Sand sculpture netizens responded:

Some have masks, some are soapy. .



However, at that time, many people may not have the patience to savor what the laser cat said “mfer is an attitude to life”. Maybe everyone is looking at the prizes. . .

Then things went quiet. There were a few WeChat groups, and some people threw in some stickman emojis of unknown origin. Everyone had a good time and didn’t care too much.

until. . .

A mysterious organization appears. . .

This organization is called: FootDAO, and its Chinese name is: Foot Road.

On January 26, 2022, a user named BigK.eth suddenly posted a tweet: You know we Asians like to pinch our feet, right? It’s here! Footpath, exclusive foot massage for mfers~

Then, I posted two pictures below:


This road number, at first glance, is an authentic domestic foot road.

Then, something even more miraculous happened. On February 10, 2022, the tenth day of the Lunar New Year, “FootDAO” actually set up its own Twitter account, established a Discord community, and then a WeChat group. . .


This is the FootDAO Discord community.

As a result, in the festive and peaceful atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, a picture of “Across the River During Qingming Festival” with Chinese characteristics appeared.

There is a delivery boy from Meituan.


There are Sichuan ear picking.


Horses with heads kill chickens.


There is also a big bath in the northeast.


And play mahjong.


Those two days were just in time for the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and even the Lantern Festival became the big head of mfer.


The creativity of Chinese netizens is obviously not inferior to friendly countries. After the first month, mfer has become a holy place for fishing.

From “Pikachu” to “Brokeback Mountain”, all are not missed.


Others have made fashion blockbusters with mfer.


After the master figure rushes through a wave, it’s the programmer’s turn to rush.

Some people have come up with a webpage program that uses mfer to automatically generate mobile wallpapers, and some people have made an mfer version of Lianliankan.


On the left is the generated wallpaper, and on the right is the Lianliankan game interface.

The programmers rushed through a wave, and it was the turn of the anchors.

Some anchors began to organize mfer live discussions on various platforms, various Amway.


The fact behind this is that the number of Chinese people who understand mfer is increasing rapidly.

How much? Anyway, it is no problem to arrange a few dances.

Someone specially organized an online party online, and there were nearly 100 people on the dance floor. In the video clip, the background music is the classic “Wild Wolf Disco”: cover your forehead and shake your hips and elbows, as if you are worried about something~


Coming out of the video, I am somewhat confused. . .

The most ridiculous thing is that someone used the recently popular 3D space generator to make a neon shining “foot gym”. . . I seem to have heard it all: “VIP one, please come in!”


Seeing this, some people may say, isn’t it just a group of people who are full and supportive?

If the above are just nonsense in the illusory world, then what happens next will not be so frivolous.

For example, just two days ago, someone actually slapped the mfer avatar on a building in Melbourne.


Some people rented the advertising screen of the building and put a bunch of mfer avatars on it for rotation.

At this time, a mfers happened to pass by, he took the scene with trembling hands, and then posted it online. In the video, he shouted excitedly: Let’s fucking go baby, I’m mfers! (Go baby! I’m mfers!)


The comments below the video are all LFG (Let’s fucking go).


When a network meme is sharp enough, it will pierce the dimensional wall.

Someone started painting mfer with real brushes.


Someone also posted that his nephew drew mfer’s version of the zodiac.


There are crooked nuts to make coffee cups.


There are also Chinese gourds made into plates.


Someone made a badge.


Others turned mfer into car posts.


There are also girls who turned mfer into manicures and pillows.


There are also sturdy gentlemen who put mfer on them. . .


As mfer exploded around the world, some people imitated its face, and others imitated its face.

As of March 2022, there are probably hundreds of NFTs imitating it.


For example, there is one called Dad mfer, which is the image of Dad in the meme picture.


Did you notice that in the lower right corner it says “inspired by Sartoshi” (inspired by Nakamoto silly).

People didn’t ignore Nakamoto’s tribute for his stupid and generous waiver of copyright.

There is also Dead mfer, which replaced the human head with a skull. Maybe it was sitting for too long, and he didn’t pay attention when he died. . .


There is mfer ahead, turning mfer’s wise face to the front.


There’s even one called buttmfer (buttmfer). . .


I TM. . . Why would someone make a face into a butt. . . The author of the butt face mfer expected everyone to have this soul torture, so he posted a monologue on the official website:


It turned out that he (perhaps she) was really a person with a face that looked like a butt. . .

As a child, he had a big round face and a receding hairline, and was ridiculed by his friends for having a butt-like face. . . He felt very inferior, but he had to bear this harsh nickname.

Until he found mfer, he felt a power.

Maybe we are not good-looking enough or good enough, but no one can stop us from living peacefully in our years.

“Don’t worry, now I have the right avatar!” he said.

This candid confession has received a lot of blessings.

There is so much information about mfer that someone has built a “mfer encyclopedia” website to collect all the information he can find.


You see, in this world, everyone seems to be able to do something. There is nothing, you can draw pictures, you can dance.

We are all consumers and we are all producers.

This seems to be a long-lost supply and demand pattern in human history. . .

Ruoshui 3000, just now these are just a scoop for you to taste.

As designed by Nakamoto, mfer has no roadmap and is full of unknowns. Therefore, it is difficult for anyone to figure out how the mfer developed into this, and no one knows what the talented mfers will come up with tomorrow.

But looking back, in this suffocating world, isn’t it the greatest glory to be unknown?


(5) A kingdom without a king 

Everything is illusory, but the relationship between people is real.

For example, “gm culture” has emerged in both Chinese and English communities.

The so-called gm is Good Morning!

Every morning, paddling mfers greet everyone in the group. I guess they were probably staggering around on the subway at the time; maybe they were sitting down at their desks and just brewing a warm cup of coffee.


大家也会热情地回应,有时候还甩进来几个新搞到的 mfer 表情包。


这就是社区里流行的“mfer follow mfer”的活动。

简单来说,就是如果你是一个 mfer,那你完全可以要求群友们去围观、关注你的社交账号。于是,在非官方的 mfer 社群,开设了专门的“mfer-follow-mfer”板块,大家会把自己的账号甩进去,供大家关注。


人多力量大,梗图就流传得更快。效果就是:一个不小心闯入 mfer 世界的陌生人也会瞬间觉得很有意思——为啥这群人用一个破脑袋头像,每天都能玩出新梗,搞得这么开心??

至此,mfers 群体开始声势浩大,颇有一种“全世界 mfers 联合起来”的感觉。


mfers 们开始产生“觉醒”意识,他们创生了属于自己的价值观,并且用行动捍卫自己的价值观。


初生的 mfers 社区试着对这件事表达自己的看法,但他们和一般网民的行动非常不同。


比如,他们把著名的“Make love,Not war”(要做AI,不作战)改成了 mfers 版本:


渐渐地,他们又把口号变成了:make memes,not war。(做梗图,不作战)




与此同时,在 mfers 的社群里还兴起了“mfers help mfers”(mfers 帮助 mfers)运动。有困难,您说话,大家会自发提供力所能及的帮助。

就在2022年2月24日,战争爆发的当天,一位 mfers 发出了求助帖:

恐怕我得卖掉我的 mfers 了,为了保证我的家人从离边境很近的家乡撤离。机场关了,我有点害怕。。。

由于 mfers 社区的强大,这个推文很快获得了300多次转推和500多条回复。

有网友说:让 mfers 帮助 mfers 吧,你把链接发上来,我们去买!




Feeling misunderstood as Ukrainian, the mfers later clarified that he was a Russian working in Ukraine.

The really interesting thing happened: Before and after his clarification, everyone cared about him the same. There is almost no discussion of “justice” and “evil” in the comments, no discussion of right or wrong, mfers just see each other from the mfers’ perspective.


The sands of the times are rising.

Mouse over, behind the lines of text infiltrated with various emotions, each mfers is an ordinary person in the noisy historical torrent, no different.

Someone wrote this creed as a “formula”:


In the world of mfers, any two people are equal.


This is a screenshot from the mfer WeChat group.

Speaking of which, we have actually touched on a very important proposition in postmodern society, that is: post-ethnic identity.

Do you remember, we just mentioned the “Xiaowei Rock Painting”, which is the first painting that can be found since the beginning of human civilization.

Essentially, the ancestors of ancient times painted “stick men” (or stick animals to be exact).

The entire fresco tells a moving story: nature, creatures and oracles in the eyes of ancestors 360 centuries ago.


Isn’t the reason why a nation and a country can exist firmly because these people believe in the same story? Believe that you are a descendant of the dragon, you are Chinese; believe that you are a descendant of the ancestors of the Mayflower, believe that liberal traditions, you are an American.

Back in the 21st century, the moment our son in front of the computer said: “I’m winning dad”, our spirit entered the cyberspace, and our stories also entered the cyberspace.

As a result, people of different nationalities who believe in the same story on the Internet have the opportunity to unite into a new ethnic group.

This is “post-ethnic identity” .

There are many more such examples. Might as well give another one.

Among the NFTs that will explode in 2022, there is one called Azuki. At first glance, Yan control people can easily be captured by these 10,000 exquisite avatars.


A closer look at these avatars reveals some unusual details:

1. The background setting of the story is that the people here are divided into four races: human, blue, red and spirit. But no matter what race, everyone grows from a single “red bean” (Azuki).


2. Although the faces of the people in the avatars are Asian, looking closely at the demeanor of these people, they are full of provocation and exploration, and they look a bit European and American. And their eyes are not as deliberately enlarged as the standard Riman, which seems to be more in line with Chinese aesthetics.


Azuki # 8215

Therefore, people from many countries can find common ground with themselves. In other words, Azuki gives people from many different cultures the possibility of group belonging—“they are the same group of people of different races.”

Looking at the NFTs on the market from a “post-ethnic” perspective, you can find many interesting phenomena:

1. BAYC (Boring Ape), the most popular NFT avatar currently recognized, depicts a group of celebrities who are rich in wealth, but see through the hypocrisy of the world and feel bored at the party.

Therefore, most of the people who identify with the boring ape culture are also celebrities, specifically, the rebels among the celebrities.


2. CryptoPunk, the originator of NFT, draws pixel-style punk villains who look down on the world in the digital world. Geeks and programmers can get the most out of it.

Therefore, those who identify with the CryptoPunks culture are mostly rebels in the technology world.


So, look back at mfers, and it’s easy for you to understand.

mfers draws a group of ordinary people sitting in front of a computer.

Although most people are a little transparent, and some are a little socially fearful, they are strong in heart, gentle and firm believe that “one person should not be superior to another person for any reason”.

There is no king in their kingdom.


Mfers made this picture, I think it is very appropriate. The boring ape who is Bai Fumei will definitely scoff at mfers who are ordinary people, but mfers will not care.

In order to verify my judgment, I decided to infiltrate an mfer WeChat group.

I asked in one of mfer’s unofficial discussion groups and a friend responded right away.

As soon as I became a WeChat friend, I immediately came to “acknowledge family members with open breasts and breasts”.


After entering the group, someone recognized me, and then. . .



A meal of washing feet, picking ears, and killing chickens.

You have to drink coffee after washing your feet.


At first, I thought it was a “ceremony”, but after a few days of secret observation, the newcomers came in and washed their feet first, which seemed to be a standard procedure. . .

That’s how people get along.


I suddenly understood that mfer is like a sieve, the sharp person sneers and turns away, and the gentle person will fall lightly like snowflakes.

While looking through mfers’ creations, I stumbled across: On Women’s Day, someone gave his grandma an mfer T-shirt, and grandma smiled happily.

“My grandma is also an mfer,” he said.

A small thing, no big deal, but his happiness definitely struck me. Maybe “the most delicious thing in the world is Qinghuan”.


Generally speaking, the first letter of a fixed title in English is to be capitalized, but in the countless posts I read, mfers mentioned himself, no one capitalized the first letter, that is, it is written as mfers.

Maybe they believe in their subconscious that greatness is ephemeral and ordinary is eternal.

As Socrates said: I know that I know nothing. (I know I don’t know anything.)


(6) Cheers mfer 

Seeing this, you may frown and feel that it is very troublesome to be an mfers. There are so many rules, you have to change your avatar, you have to wash your feet, communicate with each other, and you have to be united and friendly, and you can’t even capitalize the letters. . .

Actually, I have to clarify that this is a misunderstanding.

In the confession of “what are mfers” by Nakamoto silly, he specifically mentioned the advice of a water friend:

“Sartoshi, we need to get more people to change their avatars to mfers!”

Nakamoto’s silly answer was clear: “I don’t think it is necessary. People would do it if they wanted to.”

I suddenly thought of what the old man said before pulling me into the WeChat group:


Well, they have their own logic.

To be an mfers, you don’t even have to have an mfer avatar at all, you just think you are, you are, and if you don’t, you are not.

Like the end of Nakamoto’s confession.

Some people say, Sartoshi, my children can draw anything you draw. I hate NFTs, and I hate you too.

Nakamoto’s silly reply is: Haha, cheers mfer.

A truth is self-evident: a person does not need the approval of others to become who he wants to be.

A group of friends told me that mfers opened a cafe in Shenzhen, called mfer coffee. I can try it if I have the opportunity. I am looking forward to it.


Not long ago, the first offline viewing meeting of mfers was also held in Shanghai – I can’t guess what this group of mfers will talk about at the offline party. . .

Thinking about it, mfer seems to get a bit too much for a “stalk picture”.

It was created as a joke, and the joke always dissipates. After all, the world is gorgeous, and people’s attention and patience are scarce goods.

But this joke, at a certain moment, makes us fall into thinking about ourselves and others.

These reflections are real and precious.


It was late at night when I took a break from the world of mfers.

I realize that I’ve maintained the classic mfers pose with my arms outstretched and smiling all day.

Eventually my computer page stopped at a tweet – March 11, 2022, is Alex’s birthday. He ordered a cake for himself, and it said: best father, best husband, best mfer.


Alex is probably such a person:

There is no stage under his feet, no chasing light above his head; he sits at the table with his headphones on, sometimes thinking, sometimes smiling; they occasionally complain, but in the end they are willing to help; his world has no hot summer, no frost, you touch His hands were only warm.

In the face of the cruelty of the years, perhaps this is a sharp answer.

Cheers, mfer.


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