Metaverse shortlisted in “The Economist” 22 Emerging Technologies in 2022



▌Meta Universe was selected as Tencent’s “22 Most Concerned Emerging Technologies in 2022” list

News on December 6th, a few days ago, Tencent Technology released a list of “the most watched emerging technologies in 2022”, a total of 22 items, and Meta Universe was selected. Other 21 emerging technologies include virtual reality exercises, quantum computing, virtual internet celebrities and brain-computer interfaces.

▌Metacosm , virtual internet celebrities, and quantum computing are shortlisted in “The Economist” 22 emerging technologies in 2022

Golden Financial Report, the British “Economist” website published the title “What’s Next?” “22 Emerging Technologies Worth Watching in 2022” article, meta universe, virtual internet celebrities and quantum computing are shortlisted. “The Economist” pointed out that in 2022, Metaverse will be used to refer to the integration of video games, social networks and entertainment, with the purpose of creating new immersive experiences. Games such as Minecraft and Fortnite can be used. Seen as a springboard to emerging media. In terms of quantum computing, The Economist said that the Chinese team has built a computer with 66 qubits; in terms of virtual influencers, The Economist estimates that there will be $15 billion in influencer marketing in 2022. , Virtual internet celebrities will also increase rapidly.


As of press time, according to Huobi global data:

BTC recently traded at US$49,135, with a daily increase and decrease of +2.48% ;

ETH recently traded at US$4,177, a daily increase or decrease of +2.62% ;

BCH recently traded at USD 450, a daily increase or decrease of +2.1% ;

BSV recently traded at US$120, with a daily increase and decrease of +1.26% ;

EOS recently traded at US$3.01, a daily increase or decrease of +2.78% ;

LTC recently traded at US$155.63, an intraday increase or decrease of +3.78% ;

DOT recently traded at US$28.13, a daily increase or decrease of +4.88% .


▌Russia and Ukraine close multiple cryptocurrency mines

On December 5th, the Russian and Ukrainian authorities have shut down some illegal cryptocurrency mining facilities, which are said to be powered by stolen electricity. These underground farms were found around the capitals of Kiev and Moscow, as well as the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

Taiwan ushered in a new journey. As an important local financial infrastructure, the regional equity market will build a blockchain service platform that serves small, medium and micro enterprises to regulate and finance. It will become a typical application demonstration project for the Hunan Provincial Government to build “blockchain + big finance”.

▌Sweden wants to reduce the amount of cryptocurrency mining in Europe

According to news on December 6, the Swedish authorities are requesting regulators across Europe to unite and formulate legislation to combat cryptocurrency mining projects that use excessive energy in accordance with the Paris Agreement. These concerns come from Erik Thedeen, head of the Swedish Financial Supervision Agency, and Bjorn Risinger, head of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. In an open letter, the two individuals stated that too much energy is used in the field of cryptocurrency mining, and that this use has soared by about 700%. They warned that if we allow the widespread mining of encrypted assets in Sweden, then our available renewable energy may not be enough to meet the climate transition we need.

▌India began to treat cryptocurrencies as asset types similar to real estate and gold

Golden Finance reported that, according to Reference News, 15 to 20 million Indians have invested approximately US$6 billion in cryptocurrency. It is intriguing that India does not just see cryptocurrency as a digital currency that can be bought and sold, but has begun to see it as an asset type similar to real estate and gold. The focus of the discussion now is whether to allow cryptocurrency as an asset class, whether to allow it to be used in transactions, and how to regulate or collect taxes. The Indian government is expected to announce new regulations soon.

Blockchain application

▌Hainan : Use modern information technology such as blockchain to establish an online settlement mechanism for intellectual property disputes

Golden Finance reported that the “Regulations on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Hainan Free Trade Port” were issued and will come into effect on January 1 next year. The “Regulations” stipulate that the specific management department of intellectual property should use modern information technology such as blockchain to establish an online handling mechanism for intellectual property disputes; the people’s court should encourage the parties to make full use of the blockchain, electronic data platform and other third-party preservation methods to collect evidence , Fixed evidence to improve the quality and efficiency of trials of intellectual property cases. Encourage and support notary institutions to innovate notarization certification and notarization service methods, relying on blockchain and other technologies to provide notarization services such as intellectual property innovation and creation, application circulation, and evidence preservation.


▌Data : The total sales on the NFT chain exceeded US$16 billion, a record high

Golden Finance reported that on December 5, according to the latest data, the total NFT sales on the Ethereum chain exceeded $16 billion, a record high. At the time of writing this article was $16,044,201,679, and the number of on-chain transactions was 40,324,108. At this stage, the top three blockchains in terms of NFT sales are: 1. Ethereum: total sales of US$10,406,900,580 and total on-chain transactions of 4,395,928; 2. Ronin: total sales of US$3,567,069,080 and total on-chain transactions of 10,749,446 3. Flow: The total sales amount is 796,047,848 US dollars, and the total number of transactions on the chain is 12,497,201.

▌U.S. congressional candidates announced the acceptance of Bitcoin donations

On December 5, it was reported that Carla Spalding, a candidate for the 23rd District of Congress, tweeted to accept Bitcoin donations, stating that “Americans should have the right to protect their savings from being eroded by inflation. I will always defend freedom and financial innovation. . Without freedom, we would have nothing.”

▌ BitMart CEO: Hackers extracted worth about $ 150 billion in assets, BitMart temporarily suspend withdrawals

On December 5, Sheldon Xia, the founder and CEO of BitMart, tweeted that a large-scale security vulnerability related to an ETH hot wallet and a BSC hot wallet was discovered, and the methods that may be used are still being summarized. The hacker was able to extract assets worth about $150 million. The affected ETH hot wallet and BSC hot wallet carry a small portion of assets on BitMart, and all other wallets are safe and undamaged. BitMart is currently undergoing a thorough security review and will release updates as it progresses. Currently, BitMart temporarily suspends withdrawals until further notice.

▌Skybridge Capital will launch a USD 200 million cryptocurrency fund in the UAE

On December 5th, in a recent interview with CNBC, SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci announced that it will launch a $200 million cryptocurrency fund in the UAE in December 2021. It is reported that the fund will have some private equity components and some token components. Scaramucci said that SkyBridge’s total investment assets are currently about 9 billion U.S. dollars, of which 1.3 billion U.S. dollars is used for the cryptocurrency asset class. According to previous news, as of the end of September, SkyBridge Multi-Adviser Hedge Fund Portfolios, the flagship fund of SkyBridge Capital’s investment hedge fund, increased its crypto-related exposures (including digital funds and securities) in the third quarter from $195 million on June 30 to $485 million. , An increase of 150%.

▌ Free Ross DAO has raised about 4.2 million US dollars

According to news on December 6, “Free Ross DAO” (Free Ross Decentralized Organization) has raised 1042 ETH (approximately US$4.2 million). The manifesto of this decentralized autonomous organization emphasizes, “Ross founded the Silk Road, Introduced cryptocurrency to hundreds of thousands of people, but received two lifetimes plus 40 years in prison. Today we unite in solidarity with Ross, gather funds to purchase his creation series, and protest the injustices of the American prison system and advance the reform of American prisons . We will share Ross’ work with the world so that everyone has a unique opportunity to own a part of it.” Previously, the founder of the Dark Web Silk Road (SilkRoad), Ross Ulbricht, plans to be on the NFT from December 2 to 8. The Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection, its NFT collection, was auctioned on the market SuperRare. The collection includes 11 handmade artworks by Ulbricht. The proceeds from the auction will be used to fund a trust fund to support Ulbricht’s release from prison.

▌ Decentraland’s new plot, Coliseum, sold for US$756,000, the fourth highest in history

Golden Finance reported that according to the latest data, the NFT asset Coliseum of Metaverse Digital World Project Decentraland was sold for 225,000 MANA, valued at approximately US$756,000, surpassing Premium Estate and ranked as the fourth highest transaction record in history. Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform driven by the Ethereum blockchain. The core part of the Decentraland ecosystem is LAND. At present, Fashion Street Estate, which ranks first in transaction volume on Decentraland so far, has a transaction volume of US$2.42 million (618,000 MANAs), and the second place is BookLocal-Hotel Booking, which sells for approximately US$1.08 million (210,000 MANAs). ; Ranked third is Decentraland #4247, which sells for approximately US$914,000 (1.29 million MANA).

▌ Boca decentralized oracle DotOracle main network will be formally launched in December

On December 6th, the Polkadot ecological real-time decentralized oracle and the cross-chain liquidity network DotOracle tweeted that the testnet is about to end and the mainnet will be officially launched in December.

▌Data : The Ethereum network has currently burned more than 1.12 million ETH

Golden Finance reports that, according to Ultrasound data, up to now, the Ethereum network has destroyed a total of 1123161.29 ETH. Among them, OpenSea destroyed 119989.14 ETH, ETH transfers destroyed 109980.10 ETH, and Uniswap V2 destroyed 102984.54 ETH. Note: Since the introduction of EIP-1559 in the Ethereum London upgrade, the Ethereum network will dynamically adjust the BaseFee of each transaction according to the transaction demand and block size, and this part of the fee will be directly burned and destroyed.

Important economic developments

▌Spot gold short-term declines by $5

The market showed that spot gold fell 5 US dollars in the short-term, and is now reported at 1,781.51 US dollars per ounce; spot silver fell by 0.1 US dollars in the short-term, and is now reported at 22.48 US dollars per ounce.

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