Crypto Commentator Marty Bent: Bitcoiners Must Resist ESG Scam

According to CoinDesk, Marty Bent, co-founder of the great American mining industry and host of “Earth Cellar Stories,” says there is no energy problem. Bitcoin is the energy solution. Bent slammed “energy hysterics” who criticize Bitcoin’s energy consumption while ignoring similar or larger problems in favored industries like wind power construction. In many cases, miners are forced to alter their sources of renewable energy through carbon offsets to position themselves in some way. Vera says, “The carefully crafted narrative captures the attention of executives who would otherwise be focused on building more and better businesses.” Bent says, ” ESG is a complete accounting scam that can give subsidies and carbon credits to companies that are just pretending.” Meanwhile, Bitcoin is “getting accepted. “People don’t care about energy consumption, they care about control,” Bent says.