Real Vision Founder: Cryptocurrency Market to Achieve 100 to 200 Times Growth

Raoul Pal, former executive director of Goldman Sachs and founder of Real Vision, is assessing the short- and long-term prospects for bitcoin, according to dailyhodl. He says there is relatively little room for crypto assets compared to traditional markets. At the rate of growth of the emerging asset class, reaching a similar market share to traditional financial markets could allow the crypto market to jump 200 times. The cryptocurrency market is $2 trillion in size,” he said. It’s 100 times from here. But I think as time goes on it will swallow up all these assets, so maybe 200 times. No, it’s not a straight line, but it’s the biggest change in the financial markets. Money, the system of economics and how the economy works in the fastest, shortest time ever becomes history. People are going to feel tribal about this. People will seize on their own narratives to make sense of the world, but the world is unstoppable and coming. It will have massive boom-bust cycles. Sometimes you’ll lose money, sometimes you’ll feel like God.”