DekBox and BurgerSwap enter into a strategic partnership, DEK liquidity mining pool to go live soon

DekBox and BurgerSwap have entered into a strategic partnership. BurgerSwap will launch the DEK liquidity mining pool at 16:00 Singapore time on May 25, and will earn high annualized returns by pledging BURGER-DEK, USDT-DEK, and BNB-DEK LP tokens.
BurgerSwap is the first DEX platform on the Cryptocurrency Smartchain, aiming to solve the problems of high fees and slow transaction speed encountered by ETH DEX users. Currently, BurgerSwap has grown to become one of the largest DEXs on the entire DeFi ecosystem with nearly 500 trading pairs live and a current total 24H trading volume of nearly $20.35 million.
DekBox is the first aggregated revenue DeFi ecosystem platform built by the global DeFi community developers. It has completed the on-chain deployment of the BSC ecosystem chain and OKExChain ecosystem chain, providing one-stop DeFi financial services such as liquidity mining, SWAP, cross-chain lending, NFT auctions, and cross-chain bridges with leading technology advantages for a wider range of assets on the DeFi ecosystem.