Meitu holds bitcoin float loss of $16.66 million, ethereum float gain of about $14.64 million

According to Sina Finance news, Meitu’s speculation on virtual coins started to float a loss as the company’s shares fell nearly 2%, plunging 57% from this year’s high. Up to now, Meitu has bought bitcoin three times, if we count the three times cumulatively, Meitu currently holds more than 940.89 bitcoins, costing $49.5 million, with an average buying price of over $52,000; it holds 31,000 Ether coins, costing $50.5 million, with an average buying price of about $1,629, and Meitu’s total investment in buying virtual currencies is about $100 million. As of press time, among the virtual currencies purchased by Meitu, it holds a floating loss of about $16.66 million in bitcoin and a floating gain of about $14.64 million in ethereum. Overall, Meitu has a float loss of $2.02 million. It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Meitu bets on cryptocurrencies to lose, in 2018 Meitu began to power blockchain, but the virtual currency Bitcoin plunged 80% in 2018, and Meitu, which has been powering blockchain, also moved in the same direction as Bitcoin, with a cumulative decline of more than 80% since December 2017. 100 billion Hong Kong dollars market value once fell to less than 10 billion Hong Kong dollars.