Sun Yuchen: June Adjustment Ends, July and August Open a Round of Bull Market

The company’s main business is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the market. The reasons are as follows, welcome to discuss.
1. The overall fundamentals of the coin world are too much better than in 2017 (stable coins, Defi, Coinbase listing, etc.), but in fact the mainstream coins are not rising high, bitcoin on the last round of the highest price is currently up less than double, the vast majority of mainstream coins have not even reached a new high, not yet reached the point of bubble overflow.
2. According to the bull market cycle every four years, the time now is also in a medium-term later stage, not completely reach the late stage, the late bull market bitcoin dramatic pull up has not yet come, instead bitcoin consolidation time is quite long.
3. The overall issuance of new projects in the cryptocurrency world is not fast, and the speed of the majority of mainstream institutes on the coin is currently very slow, compared to the speed of issuing new shares in traditional capital markets.
4. The growth of stable coins is very bright, providing a lot of liquidity, at present the stable coin issuance has reached 100 billion, the light wave field one occupies 30%, 30 billion.
5. Short-term sharp fall certainly belongs to a good thing, belongs to a short time to release a lot of panic, if not expected, short and medium-term sharp rebound is coming.
6. regulatory factors have been priced in, short and medium-term we generally amplify the degree of impact of regional regulation on the price of the coin ring, 2017 is enough to prove it.
7. The main trigger for this decline is the consensus confusion caused by Elon Musk, very similar to the fork in 2017, Elon Musk currently feels that there is nothing to gain from civil unrest and has also started to flip more, and the short to medium term consensus confusion shortfall is not obvious.
8. Bitcoin’s dollar premium is relatively obvious, which is also a good signal.
I personally mainly do the project, and is not a professional player who stares at the plate, personal shallow opinion we do not as a financial investment advice.