Won Universe ETF inflows exceed $1 billion

Golden Finance reported that according to data disclosed by Samsung Asset Management, as of January 19, there were 8 Metaverse ETFs listed in South Korea, with capital inflows exceeding $1 billion, including 2 ETFs (KODEX) launched by Samsung. K-Metaverse Active is one of them), Hanaro Fn K-Metaverse MZ of NH Amundi Asset Management, KBSTAR iSelect Metaverse of KB Asset Management and Tiger Fn Metaverse of Mirae Asset Global Investment, etc. In terms of investor distribution, 70% of inflows in Korea’s domestic and global Metaverse ETTs came from retail investors. The ETF’s major holdings include tech companies and chipmakers, as well as stocks related to the Korean entertainment industry, such as Samsung’s Metaverse ETF, which includes a stake in Hybe, which owns the hugely popular K-pop group BTS’s Hours, and Pearl Abyss, among others. Video game maker. On the other hand, in addition to South Korea, Metaverse ETFs are also emerging in the United States, and analysts point out that more ETH-based Metaverses are expected to be launched soon. According to a recent report released by Euroclear, the demand for ETFs in the Asia-Pacific region will rise from US$1.5 trillion to US$5 trillion in the next five years.