China Central Radio and Television and Tencent Music launched the first national tide digital collection

It was reported on February 12 that CCTV and Tencent Music jointly released digital commemorative tickets for the “Zodiac Frozen Story”. This set of digital commemorative tickets has a retro rounded border and elegant stamps. The 12 zodiac Fuwas are skillfully combined with snow sports such as snowboarding and short track speed skating to create an exclusive commemorative with Chinese characteristics. According to relevant sources, each digital commemorative ticket is printed with a unique serial number in the lower left corner and stored separately on the chain, which not only creates a personal and exclusive sense of commemoration for each user, but also is more unique in content than conventional digital collections. Sex, very collectible value. A total of 12 digital commemorative tickets have been issued, each priced at 29.9 yuan. Each commemorative ticket is limited to 2,000 copies, with a total issuance of 24,000 copies. Currently, reservations have been opened on QQ Music. On February 15, the day of the Lantern Festival 17 :00 The snap-up is officially opened.