OpenSea announces the launch of its venture capital arm, OpenSea Ventures

On February 12, OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, will launch its venture capital arm, OpenSea Ventures, to support the next generation of founders to build protocols, companies, teams and ideas to power the future of the open web3 economy. Led by OpenSea co-founder Alex Atallah, OpenSea Ventures will help developers and creators realize their vision of growing Web3 through NFTs, decentralized systems and other novel blockchain uses. OpenSea Ventures will invest in the entire web3 ecosystem, but focus on four main themes: Continuing the transition to a multi-chain world, including fungible and non-fungible projects; creating and supporting NFT-related protocols; and social as a mechanism for distributing crypto and NFT elements and gaming projects; emergence of NFT aggregators and analytics supporting OpenSea and other NFT marketplace platform activity. Additionally, OpenSea announced the launch of the Ecosystem Grants Program, which aims to elevate creators, developers and enthusiastic community members to enrich and expand the NFT ecosystem.