Co-founder of Axie Infinity: PVP reward structure will be improved to reduce SLP supply

On February 11, Jeffrey Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity, tweeted that the game will improve the PVP reward structure, that is, create a new reward structure suitable for PVP (player-to-player) competition rounds, while reducing Smooth Love by 56%. Supply of Potion (SLP) native tokens. Axie Infinity revealed that the current token economic model behind players earning SLP tokens is flawed, which will lead to SLP inflation. Although the number of tokens can be reduced by destroying tokens, the current destruction rate is always lower than the earning rate, while This is the main reason why Axie Infinity decided to improve the reward structure. It is reported that Axie Infinity will also add other SLP destruction mechanisms, including adding unique decorative skins, upgrading Axie body parts, adding new emoji and breeding activities, allowing players to participate in paid tournaments and providing Axie naming features to speed up the destruction of SLPs. (