Developers: Ethereum client Geth is nearly ready for merger

On February 3rd, Geth, the main Ethereum client currently running the PoW network, is almost ready for a merge. Péter Szilágyi, a maintainer at Geth, said: “Although it is not obvious from the outside, the go-ethereum codebase is only one step away from being ready for a merge. And the PR itself is also done, ‘just needs testing’.” Ethereum 1.0 clients will merge with Ethereum 2.0 clients by redirecting RPC calls from PoW miners to PoS stakers, after which the network will be run by stakers and miners no longer play any role. This is expected to happen in June or July of this year, but eth2 developer Ben Edgington thinks this timeline is too aggressive. He explained: “It may be possible but there is not enough room to deal with possible problems, we will have an ideal merger timetable by mid-July, but we will also have contingency plans for delays if needed. Difficulty bomb. The most important thing is to get the whole thing right.” The merge spec is clearly not frozen, and the new testnet hasn’t been released yet, but overall the work seems to be in its final stages, with only improvements and testing left. . However, this is a huge effort as the entire network will run on a new consensus and Ethereum’s inflation rate will also drop from about 4% per year to less than 1%. The client appears to be ready, and after years of development, there are only a few months left to complete the entire upgrade. (Trustnodes)