Shanghai Xuhui District invites “Metaverse” industry leading enterprises to hold closed-door seminars

Golden Finance and Economics reported that on January 27, a group of “Metaverse” celebrities gathered at the West Bank Intelligence Tower in Xuhui Riverside to hold a closed-door seminar on the theme of “Metaverse” to discuss the development trend and development opportunities of “Metaverse”. Pujiang Laboratory, Shutu Blockchain Research Institute, East China Branch of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Huawei, Tencent, Ali, SenseTime, NetEase, Mihayou, Lilith, Fun Plus Interactive Entertainment, Nreal and other institutions and enterprises attended the event. On the new track of “Metaverse”, Xuhui District has reserved a group of professionals, R&D institutions and high-quality enterprises in the six major technical fields of “Metaverse”, and has a rich soil for cultivating the high-quality development of the “Metaverse” industry. In the future, Xuhui District will keep a close eye on technological evolution and market dynamics, strengthen the exploration and research on the “Metaverse”, take “Metaverse” as a new breakthrough point, and focus on building a “two poles and two belts” digital economy development pattern, which will serve as the “Metaverse”. “Industrial agglomeration “build a nest to attract phoenix”. (Oriental Network)