Fantom votes on proposal to deploy Aave v3 on Fantom

On January 26th, the voting for the proposal to deploy Aavev3 to Fantom has ended, and the support rate is 99.98%, so Aave will deploy Aavev3 to Fantom. This vote was launched by the Fantom Foundation on Snapshot on January 18th for a week. The Fantom Foundation will provide its team of engineers to help with any integration and infrastructure issues that may arise. Once running, Aave will most likely receive the Fantom incentive program, which will reward you with up to 6 million FTM per month. Golden Finance previously reported that the core members of the Fantom team proposed to deploy Aavev2 on Fantom in the Aave community on October 11 last year to expand Aave’s lending market.