Ethereum Founder Buterin Butterfly Publishes Research Article on “Single Slot Finalization Path”

January 25, Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum, released a research article on the “Single-slot End Path”. The article said that it is inferred from many arguments that although Ethereum now has more than 28w validators, it is still possible to Ethereum final confirmation time is reduced to a single slot time. Achieving “single-slot finalization” improves user experience, reduces reorganization chains for MEV purposes, and reduces protocol complexity and chance of errors. But this is a long-term plan, and its order will be after PoS, shards, and Verkle trees. At present, the main ideas to achieve this goal are: 1. Realize through the super committee, that is, through at least hundreds of super committee verifiers to complete the verification work in a single slot in the consensus. 2. Let today’s huge number of validators function faster and more efficiently, that is, make the aggregated signature process more efficient. In addition, there are four specific requirements for the implementation of “single-slot termination”. 1. Step up the optimization of signature aggregation work; 2. Determine the size of the super committee; 3. Research, reach consensus and specify an ideal consensus and fork mechanism choice; 4. Agree and execute these on the implementation path.