Stash adds GBTC and ETHE exposure to its managed portfolio products

Golden Finance reported that Stash has started offering cryptocurrency exposure to users, including two Grayscale Investments trust funds in the portfolio it manages. The company will start distributing some users’ Smart Portfolio accounts to GBTC and ETHE. GBTC and ETHE have about $27 billion and $10 billion in assets under management, respectively. Allocations to GBTC and ETHE range from 4% to 6%, split evenly between the two trust funds, depending on the risk profile of the portfolio, said Elizabeth Marchietti, director of investment strategy at Stash. She added that it is operationally easier to invest in a trust fund in an existing securities portfolio than investing directly in crypto assets. Founded in 2015, Stash is an investment and banking platform with 6 million customers and about $3 billion in assets under management. (Blockworks)