Shanxi Equity Exchange Center was approved to carry out blockchain construction pilot

On November 22, the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the Shanxi Equity Exchange Center to carry out a pilot project for blockchain construction. This is of great significance for the Shanxi Equity Exchange Center to use the new generation of information technology such as blockchain to enhance market functions, lead business development, and promote the construction of a multi-level capital market. The Shanxi Equity Exchange Center will work with various institutions inside and outside the province to carry out specific pilot projects for innovative applications of blockchain, and promote the realization of small and medium-sized enterprises in industry and commerce, justice, taxation, parks, financial institutions, supply chain financial platforms, local credit investigation, and big data services Institutional data is put on the chain, and related services on the chain are extended, which effectively improves the efficiency of corporate docking with financial services. At the same time, the information disclosure documents of listed companies will be further promoted to be uploaded to the chain by means of data deposits, so as to improve the standardization of market behavior and information transparency. Promote the integration of the regional equity market business chain with the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s chain of custody, and meet the regulatory requirements of the regulatory authorities in terms of market supervision and data reporting. (Taiyuan Daily)