Xuzhou police uncovered a large pyramid scheme involving the “BBGO” virtual currency pledge mining platform, involving a total of 1 billion yuan

According to news from the Jiangsu Public News Channel “News Space Station”, in April this year, the Xuzhou Suining Police received a police report from citizens that they might have been drawn into a MLM organization called “BBGO”. The police found through investigation that the suspect had built a virtual currency pledge mining platform called “BBGO”, and found overseas propagandists forged false mining machine and mining information, and then released some on some short video platforms The so-called large-scale activities to lure investors into joining its MLM organization. Qi Yanmiao, deputy captain of the Internet Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Suining County, Xuzhou City, introduced that this “BBGO coin” is actually a kind of air coin, which has no value. Through the background operation platform, members can be recharged. The value is adjusted. The suspect used the virtual currency he built without any market value, and used high returns and high rebates as bait to organize and lead MLM activities by developing offline gradually. Up to now, the Xuzhou police have arrested 8 suspects from the entire chain. The case involved about 110,000 people across the country, and the funds involved amounted to 1 billion yuan. At present, five of the main suspects have been arrested in accordance with the law, and the case has entered the first instance. (Jiangsu News)