List of important news at noon on November 14

7:00-12:30 Keywords: China Telecom, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Goldman Sachs, Beijing Metro 1. China Telecom fully enters the meta universe; 2. Chinese Academy of Engineering publishes blockchain “safety supervision chain” application cases; 3. Goldman Sachs Energy Research Supervisor: Gold is becoming a cryptocurrency for the poor; 4. Paradigm member Anish Agnihotri launched MultiFaucet on GitHub; 5. Beijing Metro has supported digital renminbi on all lines, with an average daily usage of about 3100 people; 6. Report: Asean countries’ cryptocurrency in 2021 The total investment soared, surpassing alternative lending; 7. The Solana chain NFT market ALL.ART completed a $4.5 million private equity round of financing, led by Delphi Ventures.