BabyHusky passed the Certik audit, and the empowerment plan is about to start

According to official BabyHusky news, BabyHusky tokens and machine gun pools have been audited by Certik. At present, the timeline of the BabyHusky empowerment plan has been announced: the blind box will be launched on July 15, 2021 and the card trading function will be opened; the machine gun pool function will be launched on July 16, 2021; the NFT game will be launched on July 17, 2021 The “Dong Zhuo Jinjing” version of the War of the Three Kingdoms, this version has 11 factions and 150 generals. Users can enter the community to further understand the project development plan.
BabyHusky is a deflationary token that integrates the concept of combustion mechanism + NFT + GameFi meta-universe. It adopts currency holding dividend reward and NFT game empowerment mechanism, and it becomes more scarce over time. The community is about to start a new round of airdrop cooperation activities, welcome the participation of the brotherly communities and volunteers.