Cardano to transition from Alonzo blue to Alonzo White next week

According to ambcrypto, IOHK technical manager Kevin Hammond said Cardano will transition from Alonzo blue to Alonzo White next week. the transition will be done in steps that will include new releases of nodes and enhanced CLI releases. According to the roadmap, Alonzo Purple, Alonzo Red and Alonzo Black will follow Blue and White before the last month of HFC activity in the third quarter of 2021.
Note: Alonzo is a hard fork upgrade of Cardano, and this upgrade will bring smart contracts to Cardano. The first version of the beta network went live at the end of May, and the main network is scheduled to launch around September 2021. Before Alonzo, there were two other hard forks, Allegra and Mary, and Alonzo will be the last hard fork to open the Goguen phase.



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