DeFi Decentralized Options Trading Platform Asteria Test Network Goes Live

At 9 a.m. EDT on June 24, New York-based DeFi decentralized options trading platform Asteria announced the official launch of its beta site, which will break through traditional trading boundaries and allow users to experience real-time trading with no slippage and the freedom to exercise American-style call and put options.
Asteria, based on the DeFi derivatives track, is a decentralized options trading platform based on the Asteria Decentralized Options Protocol (ADOP) protocol. Through the framework and core algorithms of the automated options market-making mechanism, it integrates cutting-edge technologies such as NFT, Layer2, and API3 to solve the drawbacks of current decentralized options products in terms of openness and transparency, risk management, and market maker yields, and provides a powerful solution for all types of participants in the market.
The Asteria beta site will be launched, followed by trading contests, bug bounty and other activities, and users will have the opportunity to receive up to 5000 USDT in bonuses for participating in the test; in addition, users who actively provide constructive comments can also receive rewards for building the platform.
Asteria official said: As a professional decentralized options trading platform, Asteria is committed to creating a low-threshold, low-cost, high-yield options trading experience and products for users, while also insisting on ecological co-creation and community sharing to fully protect the interests of users.



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