PORioT Technical Analysis Global AMA Conference Opens Successfully on June 25, 2021

The 2021 PORioT Technical Analysis Global AMA Online Conference officially opened today. This conference is organized by PORiot Consensus Alliance (China), PORiot Consensus Alliance (Australia), hosted by Sen and World, with Hainan Numeric Technology as the guiding unit, with PORioT Technical Analysis as the theme to discuss new thinking and new achievements in blockchain technology.
In order to truly understand the potential of blockchain technology and reveal the core components of blockchain, this conference will start from the consensus mechanisms in existing blockchain technology, summarize the basic consensus mechanisms such as POW proof of workload, POS proof of equity, and the newly proposed POR owned resource proof, and evaluate these consensus mechanisms in terms of security, scalability, and performance efficiency. Future research on consensus mechanisms on blockchain will be based on the different characteristics of each consensus mechanism and revolve around the combination of different consensus mechanisms.



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