NBS Council: The first offline developer conference was successfully concluded, and the general route of NBS core code evolution was determined

According to the official news of NBS, the community offline developer conference organized by NBS Council was successfully closed on the 25th, and this conference determined the NBS core code evolution roadmap, and seven core functions will be launched for the community in the future, such as token locking, strong clearing step charge, overall debt position interest collection, and AMM smart contract, to further enrich the platform functions.
According to the introduction, the total route of NBS core code evolution is divided into three stages.
Core2.0 stage, focusing on the platform user experience, improve the functions of the DEX trading platform.
Core3.0 stage, focusing on the optimization and integration of platform resources, and carefully polishing the core functional modules.
Core4.0 stage, dedicated to the development of decoupling functions between the network layer and application layer of the platform system, to realize the decentralized network layer and the construction of the application layer under the DAO governance mechanism.
This proposal will be published in full after the community core group votes to approve it.



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