MAO DAO Founding Member Xiao Mao: Current NFT Lacks Kernel and Wealth Creation Effect

MAO DAO founding member Brother Xiao Mao said at 499Block’s AMA event: the properties of NFT itself are biased towards a carrier or tool, and what the mainstream world is currently exposed to or finds behind NFT is carried by art, culture, games and other content that can be easily spread widely. At the same time, the barrier to entry for the NFT asset class is relatively low and conducive to dissemination. Compared to DeFi around the financial attributes of liquidity mining, NFT at the moment is still a little less “kernel” and “wealth creation effect”, hope to see NFT can also have a play or value-driven kernel, and then bring more wealth creation effect, there should be a further explosion.
Xiao Mao said that NFT game is a track he is very optimistic about and chose to start a business, similar to Axie Infinity game Play-to-earn business model is one of the NFT application scenarios that can be run through. MAO DAO, the NFT game playing community he founded, will try to release a series of NFT and give it internal and external value.



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