DeFi Head Option Agreement Asteria Launches Strategic Partnership with Oracle Provider API3

At 3:00 PM EST on June 24, Asteria, a decentralized options protocol, announced a full strategic partnership with API3, a first-party prophecy machine data provider based on the DAO governance model. API3 will provide Asteria with a source of underlying price data, and Asteria will rely on the prophecy mechanism of API3, a reliable source of DAO governance, to reduce The partnership will provide Asteria with the underlying price data source and Asteria will rely on the predictive mechanism of API3 with reliable DAO governance to reduce the risk of options trading market from malicious price feeding and price manipulation by third party data providers.
Asteria will deploy Airnode nodes on API3 to provide comprehensive and professional options data, and API3 provides Asteria with trusted underlying price data and the necessary pricing support.
Asteria will also be the first party data provider for API3, providing professional volatility data and other indices for the digital currency options market. multiple master chains, parallel chains and Layer2 availability.



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