U.S. Custodian Blockforce Capital to Launch DeFi Fund in Association with Vesper Finance

According to official news, US-based custodian Blockforce Capital will launch a DeFi fund in conjunction with Vesper Finance, an easy-to-use DeFi platform. Blockforce Capital launched a proposal in the Vesper community on April 21, and it was finally approved with Blockforce Capital launched the proposal in the Vesper community on April 21 and it was approved with a 99.28% approval rate. The fund will allocate 25% of Vesper’s investment profits in exchange for financial contributions paid in VSP tokens to offset the costs of the fund’s first year of existence. The fund will accept up to 100 qualified U.S. investors and an unlimited number of foreign investors, and the fund’s physical structure and fundraising will be completed in the next few weeks, with the fund closing on July 31 and the fund’s net asset value announced the following day. Blockforce Capital said it plans to reward anchor investors who invest between $1 million and $10 million by July 31 with 5% of the fund’s general partner profits.



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