FORTH Global CEO: AMPL is Not a Stable Coin

Today, FORTH concluded a successful face-to-face event with global users. FORTH CEO & Co-Founder Evan Kuo emphasized about Ampleforth: AMPL is not a stablecoin, it is a Rebase algorithm-regulated cryptocurrency that is more like a denomination unit, making AMPL independent from BTC and maintaining AMPL’s independence to It is a new “Summer of DeFi” event, where Ampleforth will be the first cryptocurrency to be launched.
During the event, Ampleforth & FORTH core developer Nithin shared the recent progress of the project: Ampleforth has successfully launched the BSC cross-chain bridge and Geyser flow mining, enabling the free transfer of AMPL between ETH and BSC. the amount of AMPL will be synchronized with the supply and demand changes across the chain, and the GAS fee for cross-chain interaction will be lower.



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