Privacy Trading Protocol Onion Mixer Tops $6.6 Million in Volume on First Day Online, Earns Over $30,000 in Fees

According to the official news, the first cross-chain privacy trading protocol Onion Mixer was officially launched on June 24, and the total trading volume of the protocol has exceeded $6,600,000 in less than 12 hours of launch, and the fee income exceeded $33,000; the number of addresses of its governance token OMT positions exceeded 3,000, and as of writing, the number of protocol repurchased OMT was 5,389,796,000, and the number of destroyed was 180,321.
Onion Mixer is the first decentralized cross-chain privacy transaction protocol, Onion Mixer adopts a technical solution combining Coinjoin and zero-knowledge proof, which can simultaneously support privacy transactions of crypto assets on multiple public chains such as Ether and BSC, HECO, etc. Onion Mixer supports liquidity mining, transaction mining and holding mining. Onion Mixer supports three types of mining mechanisms: liquidity mining, transaction mining and holding mining, in addition to various token incentive designs such as pledged dividends, fee income buyback and deflation destruction.



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