Report: Long-Term Holders Remain Profitable Despite 55% Price Drop From Peak in ETH

Cointelegraph News, a new Glassnode report states that many long-term Ether holders (>155 days) are still making significant profits despite the 55% drop in ETH price from its high of $4,300. In contrast, short-term holders of Ether (<155 days) have watched their gains evaporate, Glassnode said, "After unrealized gains of almost 46% of market cap, short-term holders now hold a total book loss of -25% of market cap. Long-term holders, on the other hand, remain profitable, holding book gains equal to about 80% of market cap." Glassnode added that losers are more likely to liquidate their ETH holdings. Note: Unrealized gains are theoretical potential profits derived from investments that have not yet been liquidated.



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