“PORioT (China) Consensus Coalition Questionnaire Surpasses 200,000 Participants

According to official news, the “PORioT (China) Consensus Coalition Questionnaire Survey” launched by PORioT Consensus Coalition (China) has received positive response and participation from the industry, with the number of participants exceeding 200,000+ and the collected questionnaire data exceeding 100,000+ so far.
PORioT is a native public chain that combines the advantages of POS and creates the POR mechanism, which can connect to multiple public chains and form a “common” chain. This questionnaire is designed to give the industry a deeper understanding of the construction and development of PORioT. The survey includes: whether the meaning of the chain is more compatible with its value after renaming it as Poriot chain; whether POR (Proof of Ownership) is the 3.0 of mining industry after POW and POS; whether POR mechanism overlaid with IOT can make mining industry really generate social benefits.



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