Ethernet 2.0 pledge solution SharedStake released an attack report: an insider exploited the contract vulnerability

SharedStake, an Ether 2.0 pledging solution, has been reported to have been attacked because an insider exploited a time-locked contract (a smart contract that performs an action at a fixed time) before the SharedStake token was minted before its official launch, officials said. The vulnerability was reported to the team by white hat Lucash-dev on April 26, and a team member with access to the vulnerability used it to mint about $500,000 worth of tokens on the mainnet four times on June 19 and 23, and then sold and pledged them after the official launch. SharedStake is a decentralized Ether 2.0 collateral solution that allows users to pledge any amount of ETH and receive a pledge reward on top of receive additional revenue on top of the pledge reward.



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