Korea Tax Agency Recognizes Tax Collector Who Recovered $32 Million in Taxes in Cryptocurrency Recovery Case

According to cryptonews, South Korea’s tax agency honored tax collectors who recovered $32 million in cryptocurrency recovery cases. Since the second half of last year, the Korea Tax Service has been conducting exhaustive investigations into cryptocurrencies held by tax evaders, and a tax officer named Hwang Byung-gwang has successfully recovered up to $32 million in tax funds with his keen investigative skills, and the National Tax Service has decided to recognize and award him with the title of “Outstanding Public Servant The National Tax Service decided to honor him with the title of “Outstanding Civil Servant. Earlier this year, more than 1,500 tax evaders who tried to hide their income by buying cryptocurrencies had their tokens confiscated, and on June 21, affluent Gyeonggi Province investigated 140,000 suspected tax evaders in what the country’s netizens called “the largest cryptocurrency recovery case in South Korea’s history.



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