iBox will launch the first godfather music NFT based on WeChat in Chinese music industry

On June 24, iBox, the world’s leading e-commerce platform for digital collectibles, officially announced that it will launch the first Godfather-level music NFT in the Chinese music industry on the WeChat public number “iBox NFT Platform”.
The official creator of the NFT has not been disclosed yet, but according to sources, it is likely to be a well-known musician who is known as the “Godfather of Music”. It is understood that the release of the NFT will fill the gap of no top music NFT in the Chinese music industry. At present, users can pay attention to the WeChat public number “iBox NFT platform” (micro signal: iBoxNFT) to participate in interactive name guessing activities to receive the first godfather music NFT rewards.
The previous day, Alipay issued the “Dunhuang Flying Sky” and “Five, Six, Seven” NFTs, which sold out within seconds of going online, reflecting the high popularity of NFTs as a form of digital collection that has begun to gain recognition from domestic users.
As the world’s leading digital collection e-commerce platform, iBox issued the first digital collection around stars in China on the day of launch, and the first digital collection of “Xu Bing Tianshu No.” set the record of the highest single-price digital collection in China. Digital collections combined with social, may bring a new imagination.



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