WAVES Market VP Marina: WAVES protocol is an open blockchain protocol facing WEB 3 applications and distribution solutions, and has recently opened Duck Hunter Staking and NFT trading market

Recently, Marina, the VP of WAVES market, focused on the WAVES ecology and NFT product Duck Hunter during the offline meeting of WEB 3.0 Qinghai Tour – Coin World Community fans. The WAVES protocol is an open blockchain protocol for WEB 3.0 applications and distribution solutions, and the Neutrino protocol, Gravity protocol and Waves Enterprise Chain are the three horses of Waves. A series of algorithmic stable coins pegged to national currencies are laid out through the Neutrino protocol, and USDN is the first algorithmic stable coin issued by WAVES. Last September WAVES released decentralized FX, which enables real-time exchange between these stablecoins pegged to these national currencies as well as pledging for a certain annualized return. waves enterprise chain is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform dedicated to providing services to enterprises and governments. Duck Hunter, an NFT project based on the WAVES ecosystem, was released in April this year, with the token EGG to hatch NFT ducks, and recently opened the Duck Staking and NFT trading markets.